There have been a torrential forray of Hindi remakes of Tamil and Telugu remakes into bollywood but there have been  few examples of the hindi remakes outdoing their Tamil and the Telugu versions. Force is one of them. Being a remake of  the immensely popular Kakkha Kakkha, it packs a mean punch to the storyline revitalising the action, some of the sequences and most importantly cutting down on the runtime a bit and thus making the whole story move a tad more faster. Force also boasts of a revamped John Abraham. Frankly speaking I am not a big fan of his, solely because of his cardboard facial expression, but here he packs in a powerful performence. He takes the screen with such breathtaking physicality that many would be caught off guard.

Yashvardhan is an uptight cop in the Narcotics wing of the Mumbai police and has absalutely no one to fall back on. Thats his prime strength and that makes him almost involunerable. A chance meeting with  an informer gets him information about all the major Narcotics dealers in the city and he wipes them all clean out with the aid of his trusted team. Little does he know that he is actually cleaning the way for his nemisis to take over the Mumbai market. during this time he also meets Maya(Genelia) and falls hopelessly in love with her. They dicide to get married. Everything was looking bright and beautiful for Yashvardhan but suddenly proceedings take a sinister turn as during an encounter he stoots down Reddy(Mukesh Rishi) the kingpin behind the drug scene. Little does he know that he has a brother Vishnu(Vidyut Jamwal ) who was actually the brain of the organization and goes all out for revenge. he starts taking down Yash’s team members one by one and its only a matter of time before he gets his hands on Yash. The rest of the movie deals with waht happens to Yash and Maya and how he deals with the imminent threat.

Force has a lot of pluses. The biggest being the new Hulking avatar of John which is sure to become the talk of the town. Vidyut Jamwal as vishnu is a revelation. Even though he has a short screentime but leaves quite an impression. He has a physicality which complements John sceane for scene. He is so ruthless and murderous in his attitude that you will be forced to hate him with all your heart. He is a find for bollywood and chances are we will be seeing hm a lot more in the near future. Genelia looks cute and alluring. She has a role tailormade for her and her simplicity just adds to the charm of her character.Monish Bhel and Raj Babbar do their parts.

Nishikant Kamat’s previos outing Mumbai Meri Jaan was loved and appreciated by critcs and viewers like. Force is a far cry from MMJ but chances are you will be hooked. Even though the story has been done to the hilt and the scipt has nothing new to ffer but still the surprises, the performences by the cast and the terrific visuals and action wil make it  a worthy watch. The Durga Puja seasons and holidays will only make matters rosy for Force…..!!!!



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