Set in the futuristic World of 2020 where Human Boxing is obsolete and it has been overtaken by Robot Boxing, Charlie Keaton(Hugh Jackman) is a down on luck Boxing co-ordinator. His bots havent won a fight for quite sometime and is chased by people all around the country fo rthe amounts that he owes them as debts. His only solace in life is Bailey (Evangeline Lily) for whome he is still a hero. It is at this juncture that Charlie is asked to take coustody of his son Max but he willfully decides to sell him off to his Aunt and Uncle for half a million. But they leave his son with him for a munth as they go on a holiday. Max and Charlie immidiately strike a chord as they both share the common passion for Robot Boxing. Max stumbles upon a practice bot in the junkyards called atom and the father son duo find a new hope in this bot of redeeming both their future and relationship.

Initially I thought Real Steel to be another of the mindless action capers but it turned out to be so much more. Real steel is not much of a action adventure but a human drama at heart. The development of the relationship between the father and the son and their geling with the lifeless bot is amazing to watch. as the movie progresses, the bot becomes an integral part of the screenplay without having the need o speak a single word. The movie remains wonderfully within limits. Not a single scene goes out of bound and the robots are treated as nothing more than bots but the human imotions assosiated with them arouses the interest of the viewers not only in the bots but also the drama  shared between the bots and their mentors. There are scenes where the bots are urged on by their mentors to get up from a knockdown. It speaks of the high level of hysteria and charged up immotions.

Coming to the action, The graphics is sparkling and great to look at. The actions and the drama go hand in hand and thats what makes it even more rewarding. Atom’s  foe Zeus with whome he has a final showdown is gigantic and so powerful that at a juncture one would feel that Atom would be overwhelmed and he actually is. The finalle where Charlie and Atom implement shadow bowing is amazing and in itself worth the price of admission. I especially enjoyed the fight between the two robots NOISY BOY and MIDAS.

The performences are all apt for the seting. Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo steal the show. Evangelina Lily looks pretty and acts well too. her scenes with Hugh Jackman are absorbing. I loved the scene where she tells max about his father’s past. One can sense the excitment in her tone.

Overall Shaun Levvy has cooked up an absorbibg human drama with breathtaking action and pulsating background score. One should not mistake it for another Transformer, but instead judge it on its own merit. Chances are you will love it…..



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