Next is a thriller at heart with a twist of mistism to it which makes it a thoroughly enjoyable watch. It came out a while before but some strange reasons I just couldn’t get myself to see it but now after having finally seeing it has all the necessary ingredients to make you sit through it without any regrets. Next tells the story of Frank Cadillac/Chris Johnson(Nicolas Cage), who has a rare ability to see two minutes into his own future. He uses this ability to earn a living and also stay a few steps ahead of the law. as Cadillac goes through with his life it is interrupted by two radical forces in an FBI agent Jullian Moore who is trying to track down a Russian agent looking to detonate a nuclear device on American soil while the other being a femme fetal in Jessicca Biel with whom Frank sees his future a lot longer and falls hopelessly in love.

The thrills are pretty awesome and apart from a kind of a haggard look, Nicolas cage suits the part to perfection. the development of the story is brisk and it might take an intent viewing to comprehend the proceedings thoroughly. The action is smooth and fills in with the story well. The multiple views to the same perspective because of Cadillac’s uniques ability is a treat to watch and chances are anyone with a thinking mind will be able to enjoy it. Another big plus is the fact that there are very few mistakes and the screenplay remains consistent almost all the way through.

Coming to the performances, Nicolas cage as good as usual. The way he deals with his own special powers and abilities is a treat to watch. His scenes with Jessicca is another plus. Jessicca Biel in a role that demands little acting prowess looks gorgeous and alluring. She is the eye candy. Jullian Moore turns in another restrained performance as an FBI agent. She has done that before for all I know.

Overall an interesting and charming watch. One might even give it multiple views.



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