This has a been a week in which I have revisted two of my long lost and watched movies, first being NEXT and now 30 DAYS OF NIGHT. a movie like 30 days of night is very easy to take as a cheesy potboiler and lambast it straight away but for all of those who have to the patience to sit throught the 1 hour 40 minutes of its runtime, there is a sweet surprise waiting. The story revolves around Eben(Josh Hartnett), the sheriff of a sleepy village in the artic circle. The village facesa month long night every year and after dispatching most of the pollution to warmer grounds, Eben finds himself defending his village and whoever left against a  marauding onslaught of vampires.

On the first go, the plot might seem very thin to the thinking mind and one might also feel that, this si something which ahs been done and redone again and again. But what sets 30 Days of night apart is its execution. There is an extremely disturbing feel to it which will keep you interested all throughout. charecters who we care about are killed and that reaaly leaves us destraught at many points of time in the movie. The nature of the action in the movie is as graphic as it can be. I had seen the un-cut version of it and trust me my friends, I found some of the scenes really gut-wrenching. The action or should I call it mayhem is relentless and the break tat actually happensa in the actions is inpreparation for more graphic and gory fare which is on the way.  The frigid and spotlessly white ambience of the artic adds to the graphic color of the blood shed which is depicted in all its devilish beauty. There is a scene whre an overhead shot of the town is shown when under attack. One can see the pollution runnig hither and tither, vampires feasing on the beings and some of the men even putting up a resistence. this sceen will remain etched in the memories of the viewers long after the screenig is over.

Overall 30 Days Of Night is not for the faint of the heart. But for the lovers of the genre its a treat to watch.



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