Bad Teacher is a somewhat raunchy comedy about a middle school teacher Elizabeth Halsey(Cameron Diaz) who is having a tumultuous time coping with her “Just Broke off” status. She is in look out for the Mr. Right who just goes on to elude her for all the wrong reasons. Halsey’s work as a school teacher is also affected by her mental condition and she resorts to playing movies in her class instead of the standard teaching techniques. she also has to put up with nosy colleagues who would go to any extent to defame her. Halsey realizes that her single status could be because of the reason that her boobs are small and decides to go for a silicon implant. But trouble starts when she has to use her teaching job in its different en-devours to raise the money. Matters are further made worse because of her crush for Scott(Justin Timberlake), who is hardly interested in her.

There is nothing path-breaking to write home about in this movie. Its just another run of the mills fair with some funny sequences and an interesting enough story to keep you glued to the screen for the duration of the viewing. The performances are apt. Cameron Diaz as Halsey is wonderful and with the way she has aged over the years, she suits the character to the core. Justin Timberlake does what he does best, look cute and the sequence of dry-humping towards the end is hillarious to look at. Jason Segel is endearing.

Bad Teacher is a passable fare with enough comedy and characters to keep you occupied.



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