I had never heard of this movie and chances are most of you haven’t heard of it as of yet. But after sitting through this delightful drama, I just  have one word to say “splendid”. It is a thoughtfully conjured, brillianly executed movie which will linger in your thoughts long after the screening is over. The success of a thriller lies primarily on the fact that how does the movie hold onto the cards and wheather it is able to lure the audience into the scrrenplay and keep them guessing all the throughout. Exam is one movie which does that brilliantly well.The storry revolves around 8 applicants to a job in huge but shadowy corporate. afetr going through some gruelling rounds of selection, the applicants are all put in a room and then made to answer one common question. The only catch is that the question in itself is missing. what ensues in the following one and a half hours is cat and mouse race between the applicants to not only find the question but also outsmart each other to win the coveted job.

The movie takes place in the examination hall and believe it or not, it has everything ranging from action, drama a little bit of comedy and finally some compelling thrills. Not for a second of the runtime will you feel bored or distracted. such is the power of the narrative, that all the way through the viewer will be glued not to the screen but to the proceedings. we keep guessing what will happen next and most of the time, our guess is proved wrong and thats what mkes it even more engrossing.

coming to the performences, the whole story is dependent on the performences and any thing short of what we get  would have sounded the disaster bell for the movie. But thankfully, th ewhole ensembl cast put in an amazing powerpacked display of  restrained yet brilliant acting. Luke Mably as White is the most notable and also the one with the biggest mouth. Chukwudi Iwuji as black and Jimi Mistry as Brown come in a close second. John Lloyd Fillingham as Deaf even though has little to do, but excels in his potrayal of  a troubled candidate. Adar Beck and Nathalie Cox as dark and Blonde are apt.

Exam falls in the category of material over stars. Its the proof of the fact that when one has a solid story to tell, neither the star power nor the heafty budgets and nor the gorgeous locales and effects matter. The story and the drama here is potent enough to take it to great heights. Kuddos to the director for making sucha wonderful and thought provoking movie…!!!


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  1. subhra says:

    this movie makes you sit right until the end and concludes with an amazing climax


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