Hannibal Rising traces the rise of Dr. Hannibal Lecter. As we all know or should I say most of us know, Dr. Hannibal Lecter immortalized by Anthony Hopkins in three movie, Silence of the Lamb, Red Dragon and Hannibal is one of the ultimate grey charecters to have ever appeared on the silver scree. It is so very difficult to tag him as good or evil as he lurks right between the two. Peter Webber beautifully cooks up a gut renching tale of the rise of one of silver screens most gruesome charecters. after the viewing, one would be satisfied with the explanaions and the background story that the director has provided for the way Hannibal Lecter is.

During world war II, an 8 year old Hannibal Lecter sees his parents fall to shelling and then his house is ransacked by a horde of marauding soldiers who murder his sister infront of him and eat her up. After a narrow escapes, Hannibal grows up with the anghst in his heart and travels all the way to his beautiful aunt’s place in Paris. Once here, he starts plotting for revenge on the men who ruined his life and murdered his sister.

Gaspard Ulliel puts in a fiery performence as the young Hannibal and one cant ignore but feel that he would grow up into anthony Hopkins. This makes his part even more convincing. His scenes with Gong Li are one of the high points of the movie. Gong Li as Lecters aunt gives a ravishing and yet restrained performence. Rhys Ifans as Grutas is a terrifying baddie and everyone would love t hate him.

Coming to the plot and the thrills, Hannibal rising would fall flat in comparison to Silence of the Lamb and Red Dragon, but should hold strong in comparison to Hannibal. Thre arent enough twists and turns and most of the movie is Hannibal’s journey from killing one baddie to another. His suave nature and calmness are a highlight but after a while it gets repetative. The action is of gaphic nature, but is filmed with enough gusto to keep you hooked. The cinematography is breathtaking. One would love to see the beautiful locales even amidst all the madness and mayhem. another highpoint is the mesmerising background score. Even during some of the violent scenes, the soothing background score will come as a shock to many viewers.

Overall, its worth a watch and for the fans of the series , a must watch!!!



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