Hobo With  A Shotgun is nothing but a mindless blood and gore music video with the story just for an excuse. The story or what ever little there is off revolves around HOBO(Rutger Hauer), a homeless vigilante who travels into  a town and finds it in the grip of violence and mayhem and under the control of a evil lord and his two sick sons. He tries to steer clear of trouble but in order to protect a hapless girl from loosing her life and a lot more, he picks up a shotgun. What starts off as a rescue mission soon turns into a “KILL ALL OR DIE ALONE” thing. The rest of the movie is a journey from one action sequence to another right till the finalle.

Hobo is one of those movies in which you know what will happen exactly and yet you cant help but see it one. Its the perfect example of a Grindhouse movies of the  70s-80s. One has to take it for what it is. If you are looking for plot, charecter development and drama, you will be thoroughly dissapointed. but for those who are in love with violence and enjoy watching the red shit come out of the bodies in a spray will have a lot to love in this one. There is a sequence in which a bus load of students mostly kiddies are burnt or should I say roasted alive. This I found to be too much to bear. In this sequence, the movie has gone beyond the limit of many grindhouse cliches.

Final words, If you are looking for a mindless mayhem and gore filled guilty pleasure, HOBO is your for the taking. But beware…..!!!!


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