The Thing wasone of the earliest of the alien flicks but this was a hapless looser infront of ET which made the endearing alien a house hold facination. But gradually with time John Carpenter’s The Thing was discovered and rediscovered and today after 20+ years since its release it has attained the status of a cult classic. If I was to choose between ET and The Thing I would certainly go for the thing. Reasons for that would be, I personally dont believe in the cuddly duddly alien and it just doesnt give me the thrust. I would rather prefer a sinister alternate life form since thats we have known since the begining of times. “Survival is for the Worthy” The Thing was in many ways ahead of its time and probably that was the reason, it was not accepted the way it should have been. The violence is gory, shocking and jumps out at the most unexpected of situations. The graphic was real good considering the time.

The story revolves around a Antarctic science station where, A group of scientists are geering up for another frigid winter when a Dog  comes knocking at their door followed  by  a Norwegian Hlicopter which is hell bent on killing it. The Dog narrowly escapes as the scientists gun down the assilant but they go in search of the rest of the crew. They find nothing but hte remains and some data which points to an alien find. as time passes the crew lear that the dog in itself might be a shape shifting alien which assumes the feaures and look of the thing that it kills. Now its upto the crew to save themselves from the alien and also stop it from penetrating out of the station and into the civilisation which would lead to enourmous loss of life and even the extinction of the human race. As we can see that the story doesn’t have  a huge amout of novelty about it because we have heard similar scripts before but what separates The Thing from the usual stuff is its execution. The movie is dealt with a seriousness which is found almost in all John carpenter movies and his style visible in every scene of The Thing.

Another huge plus is the performences. One can almost feel the tension and nervousness of the characters. A point comes where each and everyone starts doubting the others for being the alien and they are thirsting for each others blood. those are some of the most pulse pounding moments of the entire movie. The initial buildup where the audience knows that ther is something wrong about the dog and yet they dont know what is built up wonderfully well. When the beans are finally spilled, people are left shocked. There is a gleam environment all the way throughout the movie and after a while it will start to get to you. There isnt a scene where the charecters are shown laughing their heart out. The background score and the dim lighting also add to the effect.

Coming to the perfomences, everyone rocks big time. I would still single out two individuals, Kurt Russel and David Clennon. Both rise above their usual selves and become the charecters so much that we are forced to string a connect with them. we start to care for them and when the climax comes, one would find a lot of clutched fingers around him. That goes on to show the power of the narrative.

Final words, if you havent seen tthins one, then give it a go before you go for the 2011 version of  the same movie.




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