A loveable and endearing love story which has the right ingredients to appeal to one and all. It will strike at all the chords of your heart and at some juncture you will not be able to help but fall in love with it. Cal is a husband in a 25 year old marraige. One fateful evening his wife Emily asks him for divorse for no apperent reason and discloses the fact that she slept with someone else. Cal is crestfallen and retires to a bar to down his miseries. He is picked up by a pro womaniser Jacob, who decides to help him and promises that his wife will regret ever leaving him. Cal gets hooked and what follows is a delightful comedy of errors but with a lot of sentimentality. This is not all. There are three subplots running which are just as interesting as the story and they all culminate into a singular climax which will be loved by one and all.

There is nothing pathbreaking abouot the story. Its just a piece from our real lives and it never tries to be  anything more than that. That goes on to be also the prime reason for its success. The story unfoalds really quickly and more than that it strikes the right cord with the audience. There is hardly a dull moment all the way through and the short runtime makes the case even better. The performences are splendid. Ryan Gosling is fast becoming a hearthrob and here he is in his full charisma. Steve Carrel transforms in the movie from a low on luck workaholic husband to a casanova of a sort. He does handle his part real well without a shred of doubt. In some of the scenes his eyes emmote a gamot of expressions which would leave many sober. His scenes with Ryan Gosling are a real treat to watch. Julliane Moore is perfect as ever. Kevin Becon was wasted in a role which I felt could have been done by anyone. Emma Stone does her part, but she is still carrying that irritating expression from Easy A. Overall a decent watch anytime….!!!



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