Drive first appeared to me when a friend suggested it highly. Later as I checked upon it on IMDB, I was surprised at the high rating that it had garnered and so I decided to give it a go. This is not your run of the mills action thriller and half an  hour into it, the udience will realise that. Ryan Gosling is an amazing fit for the role as he looks exactly unlike what he plays and hat very fact that multiplies the effect of the movie as a whole. He talks as little as possible and mostly speaks through his eyes. He looks so very cute and lovely that everytime he breaks out into a fight, one can’t help but take notice. The story is about a driver played by Gosling who works as a stuntman at hollywood and by night is a wheelsman. He has a sofcorner for his next door neighbour, who happens to be married with a child. Things go bad when her husband returns home and in the act of saving him form a contract gone wrong, The driver has  a fraternity of  thugs gunning for his life and that of his body-ice and her child.

The movie starts off with a bang straight away through, as we see the driver save a crew of thugs after a heist from the police following a high octane chase which shows us the charecter of the driver. He adapts to the situation and slows and accelarates in a mazing way which will leave even the NFS fans astounded. We have seen the escapist acts in the Transporters series but drive is nothing like it, that much I can assure you. There is a good bit of action as well. some of it is so graphic in nature that you might find yourself  taken aback.

There are some really tender moments too, which work wonderfully well. One sequence that I loved to the core was the sequence in the lift, where the Driver and the Neighbour share a long kiss, just before an out and out mayhem breaks out. The driver knows whats coming through and its like he is taking a last kiss of love from her before all hell breaks loose.

 “Being around you is the best thing that has ever happened to me”

This line from the driver sums up his feeling for the neighbour and thats also one of the strongest points in the film. I just fell in love with this line in the movie. It reminded me of that immortal line from Jerry Maguire saying “You complete Me!!” Overall Drive is a sensational outing for two majore reasons. Its beautiful mood and the awesome performences. Now thats again coupled together with the mindblowing action and more importantly sensative display of human nature. Dont take it as a run of the mill action adventure, Its a lot more than that. also look out for the fasinating First Person Prospective shots in the chase sequences.



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