After a wait of almost a year and colossal expectations building up, RA.ONE finally reached the theaters. Like any other Indian, I was waiting for this one with bated breath and going by the trends at the box office, I had to wait a day before I could get a chance to earn the right of admission. So much has been said and thought off about RA.One that I was almost too anxious to wait for it to unfold.Even the trailers and cast and credit at the beginning was testing my nerves and honestly I could hear a few tasks all along the theater and this went on to prove that I was not the only one anxious.

Every Movie has its share of pros and Cons but unfortunately for RA.ONE and all us fans, RA.ONE’s cons outweigh its Pros’ by a mile.Shekhar(SRK), a game maker at a company called Baron’s has a perfect life, a palatial house, a seductive wife(Kareena) and most importantly work on hands. But there is one little problem in his life and that is his son Prateik, who thinks of him as a wimp. He tries hard to be his sons idol but fails. His son is obsessed with bad-ass villains and not the good hearted hero. So in his endevour to impress his son, he creates a game with the world’s worst villain in mind and so RA.ONE is born.But little does he know, that in the act of impressing his son, he would endanger his life forever. Baron’s is working with technology which are trying to bridge the gap between the reality and the digital life and in some strange coincidence, RA.ONE comes to life after failing in a bout with Prateik playing as Lucifer.

Once in the real world, he stalks Prateik to kill him but fate has other plans as the protector G.ONE follows him to the real world and becomes the boy’s guardian and protector. Let me first point out the high points of RA.ONE. I believe the special effects were cool. They are in no way of the international standards as is being said and please don’t expect that. How can one imagine to outmatch technology of a 100 million dollar movie with that of a budget of 125 crores. But having said that, the effects are still pretty awesome and apart form a few sequences, they look pretty decent all the way through. SRK’s charisma is evident and present. He does bring out some serious laughs, but is undone by some horrible writing. One can just feel that he is about to strike his way to our hearts in some of the emotional sequences and then bang, you get a stupidity punch on oyur face and wonder “WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED”[(the michele jackson spinoff in one night)].

Arjun Rampal has short screentime but does wonders with his charecter. Some of his lines were noteworthy. I just loved the way he goes on to tell
some vagabonds that people burn effigies of RAVAN every year because Ravan never Dies


His mannerism is awesome and looks his part all throughout his performance. A longer role for him would have made RA.ONE a bit more interesting. Another huge plus is Kareena. She looks ravishing all the way through and for her fans, I must say that she looks mouth watering. Look out for her in the song “Chammak Challo” He sequences with Prateik are also worth mentioning.

Now coming to the cons, RA.ONE is not at all serious about the threat or even itself throughout the whole narrative. That is in turns its biggest letdown. Let me start with the opening sequence, where Shahana Goswami(Jenny), explains about the revolutionary technology, that would bridge the gap between the real and the digital world seems vague and to some extent funny. This liquidates, the effect of the rest of the narrative to a great extent. Another point is there is no  convincing reason for RA.ONE to come to life and bridge the gap. At the end of the day, it was just a game and there was no effort to make it anything other than that then how did such a calamity happen???????. The word artificial intelligence doesn’t appear even once apart from as a sign. That was a tecnicality.

Apart from this, The movie comes to the audience as a prolonged joke. Starting from SRK’s wig which is ridiculous and There was hardly any reason for wearing that. Next the threat of RA.ONE is hardly menacing. Not for a second do you feel that Prateik’s life is in danger. Apart form that the many special appearances by Sanjay Dutt, Priyanka Chopra and Rajnikant further liquify the seriousness.

It has been proved again and again, that all majore superhero films which have attained success have been serious in nature and RA.ONE had a wonderful concept to work with but it spoils everything by trying to be funny all the time. IT has decent action and some really beautiful sequences but ALAS they are not enough to withstand the huge expectations that ith as generated.

RA.ONE was one of the biggest letdown of this year for me!!!!



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