Horror movies keep coming at us at a torrential pace. It has been found that the best way to entertain someone is either to make them laugh or scare them and so there is no dearth of comedy or horror in the movie world yet the rate at which quality horror movies are made has gone down considerable. But every once in a while, A movie like Insidioius comes along which not only wets your appetite but also passes a message that the world of motion picture after so many years yet has a lot to offer interms of content. Its not always the same old battered stories or same old gimmicks. I had’nt heard of Insidioud way till the end of june and when I finally came to know about it from a few friends, I thought to give it a try and it proved to be a worthwhile dicision.

Let me start by saying that, Insidios is genuinely scary. Contrast to what I have read as reviews on it by people, I would like to say that as far as I am concerned, I dont get scared easily and am an avid Horror- fanatic and yet I found this to be refreshingly scary and in a way chilling. The story revolves around a family who get into a new house. Disaster strikes soon after as their son falls into a coma which the doctors cannot explain. The members of the family start notcing ominous tidinngs and bizzare events all around the son which forces them to believe that there might be supernatural strength involved in what was happening to him. The family change there house but the events still continue and finally they are forced to call a person who gives them the view of the reality and what lies ahead. The family now must fight against the supernatural and also their own beliefs to bring back ther son from the dead.

The reason why this movie succeeds is because of the scares and the errie environment all the way through. The story also has enough meat and chill and thrill factors to keep the audience engrossed all the way through. There is not a single dull moment all the way through and the charecters get enough time to develop a rappo with the audience. we actually start feeling for them which further increases the scare factor. The performences are another high point. The ensemble cast make the movie extremely believeable and there truthful potrayal goes on to instilla feeling of anxiety in the audince which turns into scares when the spooks are thrown at us. Some scenes worth mentioning here would be the on where we get the first glimpse of the devil, the scene where the father dwels into the “Further ” to bring back his son and the climax.

If you are a fan of the genre and are ready to take in some real scares go for this one…You will love it.



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