DR. NO(1962)

The first movie in the long running James Bond series recreates the iconic brilliance of  Ian Flemings in all its grandeur. When Dr. NO was made there was widespread speculations and questions raised from the script all the way to the lead Sean Connery. Over the years Connery came to regarded as the best bond ever and as purist would suggest is the closest to the character created by Ian Flemings. Terrance Young masterfully directs every nook and corner of this epic. It could be sighted that had Dr. No failed as a motion picture, the rest of the franchise might not have materialized. So it can be sighted as the baton bearer of a series which has catapulted the already successful literature to even further heights.

Bond(Sean Connery) travels to Jamaica to investigate the incident of a missing colleague. As he dwells into the possible happenings, he finds all fingers pointing to a mysterious island called Crab Key owned by a shady Dr. No(Joseph Wiseman ). As bond investigates further he realizes that the island might be a center for launching an onslaught on US space program and end it for ever. In this mission he is aided by the beautiful and dangerous Honey Ryder(Ursula Andress).

Before one looks at this movie, it should be noted that it was made in the year 1963. Comparisons with today’s version are a must and even then, I feel that it is a class apart from many of the recent bond movies. There is something very likeable and loveable about this outing. People might laugh at the action sequences considering what we are used to nowadays but I found them to be exquisite. The costumes ar also beautiful and suit the mood and script of the movie to perfection.

The story moves at a brisk pace and there is enough happening to keep you interested all the way through. Bond has always been depicted as a womanizer and here he rubs shoulders with three alluring beauties, Zena Marshall(Miss Taro), Eunice Gayson(Sylvia Trench) and off course Eunice Gayson(Honey Ryder). The scene where Honey Ryder comes out of the sea in a two piece Bikini, was rated as the hottest bond Girl appearance ever. Ursula Andress is simply eye candy but she is extremely efficient at that. She even steals the thunder from bond ina couple of scenes if I may dare say so. Sean Connery as James Bond is picture perfect. he suits the role as though it was made for him. Every line and every expression  that he gives would extract a reaction from the audience and that in turns is also the films greatest victory.  Joseph wise man as Dr. No has a very short screen time and doesn’t have much to do apart from looking ominous and he does that well. The climax is noteworthy.

Over all, This is probably one of the best Bond movies ever, owing to its vintage value, great entertainment factor and above all its ardent sincerity. Its One of my favorites to say the least.

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