The second Bond Movie of the series and arguably the best. It has all the elements of a classic and also a masterpiece and with an ardent fan following, it became exactly that. The story follows on straight after the happenings of Dr. No. Bond (Sean Connery), is enjoying a vacation of a sort with Sylvia Trench(Eunice Gayson), when he is interupted. The matter that requires his attention is a breathtakingly beautiful russian agent who wants to defect to the MI6 with a LECKTOR decoding machine.  A machine which the agency has been wanting for years. Knowing fully well that it might well be a trap, yet the allure of a Lecktor Machine proves too much to ignore and Bond follows the agent to Istanbul. Once there he gradually uncovers a sinister plot which pits him in line with a ruthless agent Grants who might not be SMERSH.

The second Bond movie goes better in every department over its predessessor. The action for the time is pulse pounding. there is hardly a single cliche on the action part. Sean Connery does most of the action himself and it shows in some of the close up shots. The action is almost relentless and some of the mayhem would be a far cry from what movie goers of the 60’s were used to. The thrills which are an integral part of any spy thriller are there in plenty and the viewers will not feel bored for even a second. The pace is quick and there is enough happening to keep you interested and glued. The editing is cut throat and wonderfully executed.

Coming to the performences, Connery is cool and suave as ever. He gets better in playing the charecter here after the experience from the first movie. His ease with the charecter is evendent and the audience wold  fall in love with him. Danielea Bianchi as the Russian Agent Tatiana Romanova is breathtaking. One look at her and men will go limp on their knees. She looks so beautiful that its impossible to take your eyes off her. She plays her part well and becomes much more than an arm and eye candy. But the man who takes the thunder would be Robert Shaw as the merciless assasin Grant who would stop at nothing to stop Bond and Romanova.

Overall From Russia With Love has blockbuster written all over it and it is in every eventuality the best Bond Outing ever. Watch it!!!!



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