The third James Bond movie and the franchise just keep getting better. After FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, the standards for action and drama and thrills had gone up considerably and GOLDFINGER had to keep up with it. Thankfully it does and does so in style. The story revolves around Auric Goldfinger(Gert Fröbe ) a multi-millionaire who owns businesses varying from stud farms to gold export. All hell breaks loose when he decides to become God by knocking down Fort Knox [America’s Gold Depository] and own every bit of gold that there is in this world. On his pursuit is James Bond (Connery) who has a personal vendetta against Goldfinger for killing his body ice Jill Masterson (Shirley Eaton ) and her sister Tilly Masterson (Tania Mallet ). Goldfinger does have two advantages over Bond — a charismatic pilot Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman), and a ruthless mute assassin Oddjobs (Harold Sakata ). What follows is a whirlwind adventure peppered with action, romance, drama, and above all suspense.

Goldfinger was directed by Guy Hamilton instead of Terence Young who had directed the first two James Bond Films but as far as the audience is concerned one would not notice any difference. The beauty is intact and if I dare say this, Guy Hamilton has brought in a sense of gusto to the action sequences and we have a feeling of “something is about to happen” all the way through which also keeps us on the edge of our seats. James Bond is charismatic as usual and his one-liners are a treat. His acts with the ladies are alluring as ever. The action sequences are another huge plus. The chase sequences are relentless and have been filmed in the most realistic possible at that time. These are actually some of the reasons which made Goldfinger an iconic Bond movie.

Apart from Connery, the rest of the cast are a delight too. Gert Forbe as the eccentric Goldfinger is apt. His facial twitches and helplessness at not being able to control Bond are a delight to watch. His dialogs with Bond are another high point. Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore is wonderful. Tough she cant match the beauty of the previous bond girls but her suave and un-yielding portrayal makes her special enough. Her turn of hear at the climax though was a tad shocking considering the meager amount of time she spends with Bond. But the most special character of the lot is Harold Nakata as Oddjob who murders with his hat and uses it like a boomerang. His portrayal of a cold and speechless murderer is menacing.

Overall, Goldfinger has all the necessary ingredients of a Bond film and will go down as a fan pleaser. An entertaining watch at any time.


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