After Ra.One, Rockstar was the next biggie in the fray for the Indian audiemces and I was keeping my fingers crossed this time and was hoping the it proves to be worthwhile. It was rumored that Ranbir Kapoor had cancelled or rescheduled many of his shoots categorically to make time for Rockstar. These rumors went a long way to ascertain the fact that how much  he believed in the project. Then came the music release and the audience was hooked to the spellbinding tracks befitting of a musical from the maestro AR Rahman. Naturally, the expectations soared and then the day came when the picture saw the light of the day. Even with the rave expectations, the crowds just didn’t throng the box office but there was a decent enough rush. Along with two other friends I grabbed the rights to admission for a 8 pm show at  a cinema near my office.

Right from the first scene, the first scene the movie grabbed my attention. One will in the mater of minutes realise that it was not our average “Hindi Filam”, It is different. Rockstar documents the journey of Janardan Jakkhad(Ranbir Kapoor) from being a nobody to a Rockstar. It depicts his struggle, his frustration, his glee, his failures, his mistakes and above all his love. Janardan has a perfect life, well to do parents, music at his disposal and loads of friends and advisors but what he dreams is to be a rockstar who would rule the hearts of teh people. His close friend and advisor Khatara(Kumud Misra) advices him to give up on music as he feels that janardan doesnt have enough pain in his life to inspire soulful melodies. Unwilling to give up on his dreams Janardan seeks out pain in his life and lands up proposing Heer Kaul(Nargis), the college heartthrob. Gradually the two develop  a close friendship but Heer soon gets married and leaves for Prague. But in the limited time they spend, Janardan for the first time experiences the fangs of romantic love. He gets what he asked for but in a manner in which he never expected. What follows is a tale of passionate love, conflicts and above all the meteoric rise of a man to name and fame at the cost of his happiness.

Rockstar touces a theme which might not appeal to one and all to is able to potray the nuances of the theme to perfection. The nature of unrequited love is to destroy the very vessel which contains it and here the same feeling turns JAnardan Jakkhad to JORDAN(Negative). The movie wonderfully shows the journey of  aman in search of his destiny. The twists and turns in the story will keep the audience engaged all the way through. The narrative techniques is reminisent of the style of  the modern day hollywood of Christopher Nolan and Paul Haggis. The story moves back and forth between narratives and weaves an interesting yarn of storytelling. For those who are accustomed to the linear story telling techniques might find this style irritating, incomprehensive and even incohesive. But for all those who like a little shot in the arm and enjoy the suttle changes in mood and narrative will give kuddos to Imtiaz Ali.

The heart and soul of Rockstar is ranbir and boy he does impress. frankly speaking, I wasn’t much of a Ranbir fan before this but now I guess I am. He shows the diffierent shades of Jordan’s charecter wonderfully well and his performance is so very soulful that the audince will forget the Ranbir and embrace the Jordan on screen. suttle facial changes, proper postures and above all life like performences on stage make Ranbir a very believeable Jordan. there are atleat three different avatars to his charecter and he essays each of these avatars with imaculate perfection. One fact though remains that all throughout the movie his attitude towards Heer remains almost the same even through the changes in his avatar and that is maintained. For a lesser director, it might have been an overlooked detail but not for Imtiaz. Nargis is probably the only weak link in the movie. She acts well in tandem with Ranbir but in the solo scenes she fizzles out horribly and that effects the overall impact of the movie. It really does hurt the screenplay real bad. She looks pretty and her face suits the role but Alas!!! only if she could act a little better. The third and the most important performer of the movie is The soundtrack by AR RAHMAN. Frankly speaking Rockstar, would be a much lesser movie if it was not for the pulse pounding and heart wrenching tracks of AR Rahman. Be it Sadda Haq which will pump up you  blood or the breathtakingly beautiful Tum Ho which made me feel like falling over in love again, will stay with you long after the screening. Mohit Chauhan, who is the voice of Ranbir has jelled perfectly with his looks and overall voice. This goes on a long way to make  the performences of Jordan more catchy. His voice is even used in lesser situations.

Overall, Rockstar is a worthy watch at any time. for those who find the narative tricky to comprehend, multiple viewings would do. It can be said that Rockstar is one of the most believeable and likeable take on the  lives and times of a Rockstar to have come out of bollywood and Imtiaz Alii deserves accolades for presenting another piece of life with elan and style.



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