November has been a great month so far for every movie lover with two beautiful movies making it out to the silver screen and Tintin just puts a cherry on a already lucious cake. It had high expectations and a generation of fan following from age group varying from 10 to 50. sometimes such expectations result in huge debacles but not here. From the moment the opening credits start flowing in, you know that Tintin is here to blow you away. The creator of the iconic charecter once expressed his notion that if Tintin was ever adapted for the silver screen it has to have the master storyteller Steven Spielberg at the helm. Almost two decades later, his notion has bore fruits and I have to agree with him, that Spielberg indeed proved to be the best man for the job.

The Plot: The story is based on three Tintin books which namely, The Crab With Golden Claws, secrets Of the Unicorn and Red Rackham’s Treasure. I believe that this was the initial masterstroke which nearly sealed the fate of this film. Putting the ingredients of three books into one motion picture gave the writers enough meat to work with. The duo of Steven Spielberg ans Peter Jackson remain faithful to the book and yet bring about a perspective of their own which makes for a refreshing watch onscreen. the basic plot follows closely to the storyline of  the later two books wherein Tintin buys the replica of a ship which had traveled through the seven seas called the Unicorn. Little does he know that the replica contains the whereabouts of a long lost treasure which will endanger not only his life but also set him en-route to a whirlwind adventure which will test his nerves and strength of character. This adventure also gives him his best friend, co-adventurer and one of the most endearing characters of the Tintin saga “Captain Archiebald Haddock”. There are bits and pieces of the crab with the golden claws cleverly interwoven into the narrative to further increase its appeal.

The Animation: There have been so many animated movies this year and the years before, some of them so good that wefelt that it couldnt be done better but every time Hollywood has proved us and here yet again, history repeats itself. the animation here is simply amazing. We have had live motion capture animations before, in Avatar and Polar Express and even Bewolf which I thought was amazing butTintin is a league apart. The graphics for Tintin was created at Peter Jackson’s WETA technologies and as is the case with the master film maker, every scene is a picture of perfection. Apart from the “Snowy” which felt a little card boardish in some scenes, the animation is almost as real as life itself. if the Tintin books were to coem to life magically, they would actually turn into charecters exactly as envisioned by Jackson and Spielberg. There is not a single shred of doubt in that. The chase sequences, the gun battles and even the lesser scenes look so real that they will simply leave you dumbstruck. Spielberg has used almost every possible camera angle. From Wide range shots to tight angles and all through it seems like a live movie with real charecters. I MUST ADD THAT IF WATCHED IN 3D, THE EXPERIENCE WILL BE ELEVATED. ESPECIALLY IN SOME SCENES WHICH ARE DESIGNED KEEPING THE 3D VERSION IN MIND.

The performences: The voice overs by Jamie bell(Tintin) and Andre Serkis(Haddock) stand out. There performences are actually the packbone of the movie and they have the maximum scenes in between them so if they didnt get their act spot on, the affair could have melted down, but thankfully, the duo make us feel at home all the way through. Daniel Craig as the evil Sakharine/Red Rakham is apt and his hig pitched tone adds to his sinister character. The duo NIck Frost and simon Pegg as the detectives Thompson and Thomson also do their part to perfection.

Final words: Tintin has been loved over the years for its high adventures and simplistic themes. It has also provided people with the joy to invest their quality time to escape from the wordly worries and enjoy a piggy-back ride on a daring detective all around the world. The same charecteristics run high on this much awaited cinematic version and as I may say, it has proved itself worthy of the wait. Anyone and everyone will enjoy this beautifully scripted tale which has the right balance of action, drama, thrills and comedy. Tintin should prove to be the biggest grosser of this month and also win a straight entry into next years oscars for the best animated picture, which I think it will win hands on. it would be a sin to miss this movie. so people, get your tickets, grab your popcorns and let the motion picture spectecle take over your senses….!!

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  1. An amazing movie, just what Spielberg does best. was one hell of a watch, kept at the edge of the seat the whole time. A definitely 5 star movie and the animation is of next level. to put it in simple words “if you haven’t seen it, then you haven’t seen it” (courtesy: I Phone )


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