Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is one of those movies which you njoy while watching but once the screening is complete, you just ask one question to yourself…”What Did I gain out of this one???? ” and more importantly “Why did I watch this one????”…

Kush (Imran Khan) is a successful assistant Director who is busking in the glory of his newly found success. Luv(Ali Zafar) is an NRI who lives in London and has just broken up with his girlfriend Piali(Tara D’Souza) and is looking to get married to an Indian bride. So recruits his younger brother Kush to do the head-hunting for him. Kush agrees and runs a muck throughout the town interviewing everyone from budding actresses to tailors and even Rakhee Sawant but finally dicides in favour of Dimple(Katrina Kaif) the daughter of a diplomat and some one who he knew from his college days. LIttle does he know that in the process of getting her married to his brother he himself will fall for her. What follows is two hours of …”who will get the dulhan and how..?”

There is absalutely nothing noteworthy about this film. I can site numerous hindi  movies which are of the same genre and far better than this one. Yet in some strange way it succeedds in entertaining its audience. There are some really funny scenes and the encounters between Kush and Dimple are quite nicely executed. Luv’s confused self is brought to life imaculately by Ali Zafar, who is sure of something at one moment and the very next moment he changes his mind. The execution of the scenes are done in a hip manner which would appeal to the new generation. Katrina and Imran deliver wonderful performences which would appeal to one and all. Imran especially is endearing.

Having said all that, MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN, still lacks a lot. The biggest flaw being a done to death story which ahs nothing new to offer. After a while, once the gags settle down, the movie starts to drag and the frequent song and dance numbers will further bring the already mundane story down to a screeching halt. Apart from “Dhunki!!!” no otehr song has the charisma to hold on to the viewers attention. A lack of sentimentality will also hurt the mmovie badly……

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is watchable if you have nothing else to do or watch…!!!



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