The Batman series has become probably one of the most intense and exciting franchises ever. Be it the feature films by Christopher Nolan, the amazing game like the Arkham Asylum and now the animated Series. Batman is here to rule the roost and it is doing so in great style. One of the primes reasons for this brilliant 
Success is the fact that the series offers a great deal of variations and some amazing characters and Hollywood has  taken the maximum  advantages of the intricacies of the plot and made it into a series which can be enjoyed at varied  levels.

Under the Red Hood is a fine example of how a good plot, solid voiceover and great animation can result in an 
engrossing fare. Under The Red Hood has pretty standard animation but the seriousness and heart with which it is  dealt with makes it an amazing piece of art. The story starts off with The Joker torturing Robin in a secluded place 
while Batman is trying to save him. He reaches the scene of crime but by then it is too late as the Joker murders Robin and escapes. Batman is crest fallen. We swoosh ahead in time and we see that the Gotham city is recording pretty low crime rates thanks to Batman and Night wing but the sinister Black Mask has other plans. The City faces another  super villain in The Red Hood who is hell bent on putting Black Mask out of business. He starts striking up deals and 
Intimidating the other gangs and clubs them under his own wing. Soon he crosses path with Batman and he realizes that there might be more to the Red Hood than what meets the eye. Soon there are in a cat and mouse game of there  own to find out what exactly it is that they want out of their existence.

Under The Red Hood is a delightful little adventure, which has all the ingredients necessary to make it an engrossing  fare. The story is very interesting and there is the right balance of immotion, drama, action and even comedy. The  Charecters are all well fleshed out and you get enough time to start connecting with them. The action will keep the  audience in the edge of their seats in between the drama and will not disappoint the action lovers. There are some  amazing sequence which are worth a mention. The showdown between the robot Amazo and Batman is brilliant. The way he overcomes the giant Robot with the help of Night Wing is amazing to watch. The first encounter between   Batman and Red Hood is spellbinding as well. Speaking of Drama, every scene which features The Joker is rich in  situational comedy and drama. The Joker is probably the most thought provoking and insanely sinister villain ever to  come out. There are some scenes which I would love to talk about here, but I can’t without giving away the plot. So I feel it best to draw a line here itself.

The voice talents have done a great job in making this adventure even more endearing. The charecters in the animated tales generally imote through the medium of voice. If the voice talents are not upto the mark, they take away a lot from the tale. Not in this case. Bruce Greenwood as batman has the perfect voice which will go with the towering presense and persona of the Dark Knight. He balances well between the lighter moments and the action sequences. His encounters with the Joker though take his talent to a whole new level. Jensen Ackles as The Red Hood is a revelation. He emotes through his voice as for ost of the part his face is totally covered. John Dimaggio is terrific as the Joker.

He is able to bring out the saddistic and over the top charecter of the joker with elan. Overall, Under the Red Hood is one of the best BAtman animated features to have come out. For fans its a must watch and for the lovers of animation and action it would prove to be a worth watch.


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