This is a remake of the John Carpenter classic of . Contrary to what most of the reviews have been saying, calling it a prequel, I have to strongly disagree with that fact for the simple reason that it is essentially a repetation of the same story of what we have seen in the classsic and it adds nothing new or for that matter old to the story to merit it as a prequel. Having said that I still believe this is one of the best creature violence movies of 2011. It has all the ingredients which the lovers of the genre look for and appreciate.

The story starts well before the events of the first installment. A Norwegien research facility in Antarctica find an alien organism freezed in ice. Kate Loyd(Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is a graduate of Palaentology who is summoned to accompany a research team to the facility to study the alien organism. Once in Antarctica, Kate and her team realise that they might be dealing with a life form which may have the ability to immitate its prey and impersonify it. All hell breaks loose as the alien escapes and starts hunting the scientists one after the other. With the knowledge that the alien has the ability to immitate its prey, the team memebers now become a part of a deadly cat and mouse game in which the only thing that they can trust is their own instincts.

The Thing offers a tried and tested story with the right amount of action, violence, gore and even drama. The pacing for some of scenes are deliberately slowed down to increase the pressure and anxiety of the viewer. Anyone who has seen the last installment will notice it at the first go. The performence by the whole cast is top nothch and leaves nothing to complain. Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the protagonist stands out as expected. she shows the the right amount of confusion, anger and shock at the proceedings to make it believeable  for the audience. Joe edgerton has the next most meaty role and does well enough. But the biggest star of them all is the great special effects. It might not be oscar worthy and we have offcourse seen better but it offers enough shock value to make us jump out of our seats a couple of times atleast. But the CGI rendering does leave a lot to be desired. Overall The Thing would please the lovers of the genre and for people who have not seen John Carpenter’s version, The Thing might just be a tad bit more entertaining…!



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