Oh Man!! I knew what I was getting into yet I just had to see it. Everything about the movie from its trailer to its posters screamed out to me and said what a  gigantic waste of time it would be!!! But I just went for it. Let me start by saying whatever little of the story that there is. Nick(John) and Jignesh aka Jerry (Akshay) are two best buddies from college who share almost everything except Radhika(Deepika) who is Nick’s girlfriend. As the global melt down hits the world, Nick looses his career and is threatened to loose even his relation with Radhika. Jerry who is also in the threshhold of begging is fighting tooth and nail for winning the custody of his nephew. When all hope seems to be lost they are met by  a mysterious man who offers them a chance at big bucks if they agree to be male Escorts. After much deliberation, the two agree and soo they become the highest paid and most popular male escorts in town. But soon their popularity threatens to take away whatever they loved and were fighting for. The rest of the movie revolves around how they set everything right and how th etwo end up with their beus.

This movieis such utter nonsense that even a person without brains will get a brain tumor. from start till the end credits, there is’nt a single scene which one could site as an example of what we know as the act of motion picture narrative. The charecters are so card-board and lifeless that we wonder wheather to hate them or just ignore them. There is nothing of what can be called as a story. Its just a bunch of set pieces thrown into a loose narative to give the two protagonists a chance to take off their own clothes as well as that of others. Constant song and dance numbers, forced immotional atyachar and some unbelieveably stupid sequences mark DESI BOYZ for you.

After a swashbuckling performence in Force, John has taken a 90 degree dip in this one. I dont know what was going through his head when he gave a nod to this one. He is potrayed as nothing more than a piece of meat and for an actor of his stature, it should feel like an insult. He does show good comic timing in some of the sequences but thats hardly enough to make up for the utter lack of plot. Akshay Kumar who is such a prolific performer and has mastered the art of situational comedy is left out like a sore thumb here. He just never gets the chance to come to his own. This goes on a long way to prove the point that an actor is only as good as the role that he is playing. He can bring a role to life but if there is no meat in the script, an actor, even of the stature of John and Akshay cannot pull it through. Deepika looks neither sexy nor convincing in a role which could have been done by anyone. She is completely wasted. A stupendious actress like Chitrangada Singh is given a role which should have gone to Rakhee Sawant. I am amazed that she chose to essay the role of an economics professor who is just as horny as she tries to be sultry and seducing. In her scenes in the class its difficult to understnad wheather she is trying to teach or seduce. Her scenes with Akshay are a real downer in every sense of the term.

Final Words…If you want to save the the precious hours of your life then dont watch this horrendous piece of work. Trust me!!! if you do …you will regret it….


2 Comments Add yours

  1. himangshu says:

    why dnt u start writn 4 a movie script instead of writn here.

  2. Aambar says:

    Thats on My to do list……..


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