Slumdog Millionair is considered to be the best work of Danny Boyle by many, sometimes just because of the sheer number of Oscars that it won but the fact will remain that it does’nt even hold a candle to the mamoth achievement that Boyle accomplished with Trainspotting. It is one of his earliest films and yet it is so potent that it will leave you dazed. Many will not get it the first time.  Many of the scenes might just be a tad bit hard for some to digest but thats simply because of the fact that we are in the habit of thinking that we are perfectly under control when the truth of the matter is that we are totally out of control. Beneath our poised exteriors there is always an animal raring to go but he law of the states nd that of our conscience keeps it under the wraps. Trainspotting holds aloft the fact that when we under the influence of  a drug and feel God Like, what are the feats that we are capable of achieving and how low we could stoop down even before looking down.

Renton(Ewan McGregor), is a Heroine adict who knows how bad it is and would do anything to break out of it. But the simple problem is he just cannot enough of the “last shots”. Spud(Ewen Bremner) is a down on luck and confidence heroine addict to whome living means following a bunch of friends who temselves dont know where they are headed.  Sick Boy(Jonny Lee Miller) is a suave, cocky heroine addict with a flair of James Bond movies and has authority over its minute details. He is looking for that big break in his life which turns out to be just not there. Tommy(Kevin McKidd) is a spotlessly clean youngster with fetish for football and the love of his life Lizzy. Trainspotting is about the choices these people make in their lives and were life finally dumps them. It takes us through there exploits  of the gang first to get rid of Heroine addiction and then to get back on and then again to to get rid of it. The movie also shows us through the pain and suffering as also the sickly joy and incomprehensible peace that the dudes come across in their tryst with destiny.

Based on the novel by Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting had wonderful material to lay back on, but the deft touches of Danny Boyle really catapulated the script to an amazing high. The very begining of the movie tells us what is to come. The sequences in which the addicts face thre deamons are exceptionally well filmed. It seems as though they might have been thought and rethought again and again to give it the right balance and touch. Some scenes like the one where Renton flushes down a toilet, the sequences follwing each cook up and shots , the rehabilitation scenes and also the climax would go down as text book material for anyone making or even cconceptualizing material on drug abuse. The ambience and feel of the movie is in strong keeping with its material and will not put you off even for a second.

Coming to the performences, Ewan McGregor stands out as Ranton. He is utterly believeable. Controal and precision are reflected in every scene that he is apart of. His sequences with McKidd after he tests positive for HIV is beautifully filmed. If one looks closely, one could see glimpse of both happiness and sorrow on his face. The way he toggles back and forth in  his addiction is another high of his performence. Ewen Bremner as spud is hillarious. His peformence in an interview and date in which he ends up shitting his pants is a treat to watch. I was laughing out loud. He even shows a thoughtful side to himself. Miller as Sick Boy is just apt and so is McKidd.

Overall Trainspotting is one movie which is not your standard entertainer. It might not entertain you at all and instead make you feel and think about all those drug addicts that you might have known or might have seen dwelling. It will make you think about their lives and what made them this way and also whether they try to come out of this addiction. This is the biggest victory of the film…..Watch it and get blown away……!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂



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