Acclaimed director of the LOST series took over the helm of direction from John Woo and gave it a shot in the arm. For the first time, ETHAN looked vulnerable. He could be hurt. He was shown in extreme pain and even made to look petite in-front of the antagonist. This might seem a bit out of place for the standard MI fan, but I sincerely believe that this new avatar of Ethan increased his appeal even more. What more could we ask for from a series which had everything but only lacked a bit of the humane touch.

MI3 starts with Ethan spending some quality time with  family and within moments of that he is contacted by an associate at the agency and is called back to rescue an agent stuck in the clasp of the nefarious Devian (Philip Seymour Hoffman), a notorious terrorist procuring a weapon of mass destruction known only as “THE RABBIT’s FOOT”. Ethan reluctantly agrees and after a mayhem of a rescue mission, comes out with the agent. However, Davian has already put a bomb in her head and she dies in Ethan’s arms. Enraged at her death, Ethan and his team set out to nail Devain at party in Vatican City without even the head of the agency being aware of his operation. Ethan and his team grab Devian but he escapes soon enough and in turns kidnaps Ethan’s wife and threatens to kill her if Ethan doesn’t get him the “RABBIT’s FOOT”. The hunter now himself becomes the hunted. Its now left to Ethan and his faithful team to uncover what is the RABBIT’s FOOT and also retrieve it for Davian.

MI3 is high on action. The story and the thrills are just double of what we had for MI2. The action is incoherent at some places and is not picture perfect as in MI2 which in-turns makes the experience realistic. Characters we care about die and we are left helpless as Devian goes on and does whatever he wants. Even Hunt looks weak and helpless in-front of his towering presence and that elevates the thrill as well as charm of this movie. The humane angles involved in Ethan’s wife kidnapping and our fear for her safety just makes the situation even more tense and we are left to wonder, whether she will come out of this alive or not.

Having said that, there is still all the elements that made this franchise so popular ever present . There is a death defying stunt when Ethan dolleys between two buildings of unequal height which is bound leave you exasperated. There are hand to hand combats which push the limits of the art and then there are the superlative performances by the whole ensemble cast.

Philip Seymour Hoffman as Devian outweighs all the other previous bad guys of the MI series. We just want him to die all through the movie and he doesn’t. This goes on to prove how effective his performance wass. Maggie Q looks stunning and serves as the perfect eye candy in a movie dominated by men.

Overall MI3 is a solid entertainer and is worth a view at any time.


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