There have been numerous movies which have depicted the catastrophic effect of  a virus outbreak generally turning humans into blood thirsty zombies. some of them have even been extremely successful and have extrated a varies amount of immotions from us as audiences but Contagion treats the same subject matter in a totally different way. A way which can sighted as the closest to reality. If ever there is an epidemic it would be like this. That is the feeling you get all troughout the movie and that is what makes Contagion stand out.

Beth(Gwyneth Paltrow) returns from a trip and complains of headache and fever. It only a matter of time before she is hospitalised by a seemingly worried husband Mitch(Matt Damon). Within hours the doctors pronouce her dead and Mitch is left shocked, devastated and above all without an answer. The doctors are unable to comprehend what was the cause of her death and if that was not enough, Mitch’s son also complains of the same symptoms and before he could get home, he dies too. soon the US and also some other parts of the world encounter a virus which they had not known ever existed. Nobody has any answer and the best that people can do is stay indoors and avoid contact. as the death toll rises the govenment, furiously starts looking for a cure but at the same time has to helplessly watch people fall prey to this unknown virus. Dr. Ellis Cheever (Laurence Fishburn) appoints Winslet to try and contain the siuationa and sends her half way round the world. We also a have a blogger in Alan(jude Law), who miraculously gets well from the disease and then starts seeing a a government conspiracy and would not stop untill the cure is made public. Then tere is Marion Cottilard who is kidnapped by an asian so that his village may get the first stroke of the antivirus whenever it comes out for the price of her life. There is also a tender love story brewing between Mitch’s daughter and her neighbour which every time faces the wrath of Mitch for the fear of his daughter’s safety. All this and a lot more coinside and end in this 106 minutes of pure exhilirating  drama which is charecterised by “blink and miss” pace.

For a movie of this sort to work out, there had to be enough shock factor and Contagion has a lot of it. There is is’nt anything in the celluloid medium which will shock you more than child deaths and sudden deaths and Contagion has plenty of both. Majore charecters die suddenly and without our least bit of expectation. One starts to worry about the charecters they care for as they become aware that they may die any minute and this factor  adds to the chill of Contagion. There is no charecter violence whats so ever just deaths, a lot of deaths. By the time the movie ends, people get a clear idea of what the virus is and how it got where it got. Its hard to explain but after all the mayhem it causes, the understanding of the virus is a tad bit more disturbing. atleat thats the way it was for me, I dont know how you peole will feel about it…Coming to the performences, Matt Damon and Jude Law stand out. Even though their roles are comparatively smaller than what you expect but they both leave a mark. Kate Winslet is great as usual. Lawrence Fishburn is immaculate as ususal.

Overall, Contagion is an absorbing watch. But o for it only if you have the stomach for a lot of graphic deaths caused by an unknown virus…



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