If the above phrase ever was conceptualized, I believe it would have been exactly the way it is shown in In Time. A delightful little thriller which although is a strictly one time watch but still packs in enough meat to keep you engrossed through the first viewing. Will Salas(Timberlake) lives in a futuristic world where there is no concept of money or relative age. People stop aging after twenty five years and a clock starts ticking in their hands which can be reinitialized again and again. So a person who has enough time in hand could live through ages. But as is always the case, immortality is again the treasure that only the rich enjoy, while those who live by days and hours and minutes die a hapless deat in the Ghettos. Salas losses his mother because of dearth of time in her clock but a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger changes his life for good. He now has a decade on his time clock and decides to go after those people who have put the unfair timeline on the lives of the people who can hardly afford it. In his quest he comes across a businessman and her daughter who play key roles in shaping his future. He is also being pursued by a ruthless Timekeeper(read law enforcement undertaker), Cilian Murphy who would stop at nothing to bring Salas Down..

In Time never means to be anything more than popcorn entertainment and thats a good thing for it is exactly that. The visual effects and the twists in the plot keep coming at a breakneck speed and it does help to keep the audience engrossed. It could have become a more than average movie if only there was someone more menacing playing the character of Will Salas. Justin Timberlake just never arouses that kind of seriousness which could make a role like this worthwhile. In spite of his best efforts and a shaved head, he still looks too chocolaty to be believed as a ghetto dwelling, high on luck, tough nut. The rest of the cast apart form Cilian Murphy is at best pedestrian. There is just no tension or feel for the characters which does spoil the fun to a great extent. Another huge minus for this movie is the lack of a pulsating background score during the chase, action and even some of the dramatic parts. An on your face soundtrack is hall mark of sci-fi action romchoms like this and they really do help to elevate some of the more ordinary sequences to an above normal level.

Having said all that, The movie still has its share of pluses. A whirlwind adventure with goodlooking cast. Beautifully shot sequences, solid editing and above all a good concept. The short runtime also helps to matters on the brighter side. In Time would be a good onetime watch provided you don’t expect too much from it. For the duration of the screening forget all the logic and let the narrative take over you. Chances are you might just enjoy it….!!!



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