A few Good Men is one of those rare movies which will will entertain you as well as enlighten you. It is one of the most engrossing courtroom dramas to have ever come out of Hollywood and it was hailed by critics and the viewers alike. Over the years it has achieved the status of a cult classic and withstood the test of time.

Lance Corporal Harold Dawson and Lauden Downey are arrested on the charges of murdering a compatriot in the Marine Barracks of the rifle security unit of the Windward Company at Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Lt Commander Joanne Galloway(Moore) smells something fishing about the incident and requests to be appointed counsel of the duo but the brigade chooses Daniel Kaffey(Tom Cruize) who has successfully plea bargained a number of cases. Galloway repeatedly draws Kaffey’s attention to the doubtful situation but Kaffey is oblivious. Its only after a meeting with the Colonel Jessup(Jack Nicholson) at Gittmo does he realise that all might not be what it seems about the whole incident.

The driving force of a Few Good Men is its powerhouse performances. Jack Nicholson’s  Colonel Jessup is overwhelming. He breathes fire all throughout and his mannerism is in good keeping with the role that he essays. Even though he has a short role, but his performance is the firepower of the whole movie. Tom Cruize as the fast talking, ultra cool, Harvard educated lawyer is apt. He has both a chocolaty charm as well as a powerful physicality which is more evident towards the climax when he cross examines Nicholson. Demi Moore as Galloway, does a credible job. Her performance is utterly believable and the fact that there is no romantic angle between her and Cruize adds to the believability of the movie. Keifer Sutherland as Lt. Jonathan John Kendrick is immensely hateful. The way he walks and talks and his wise cracks would be a delight for all those who root for the bad guys.

Technically, A Few Good Men is a meticulously crafted visual treat. From the initial cast and credit sequence where the Marine Drill is taken as a back drop to the courtroom sequences, its a picture of beauty. The cinematography is top notch. the Background score is just apt.

Overall A Few Good men is a movie that just cannot be missed…!!



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