There are so many movies out there who claim to be different but seldom we come accross a movie which is different. Here we have a movie whic truely and utterly is different. I have seen many experiments and some go horribly wrong but The Artist is one Experiment which succeeds in every sense of the term. The Artist does not only succeed but it tanks and tanks big time. It is so very honest and faithful to its subject matter that one would not find a flaw. Another fact which works wonderfully in its favor is the fact that it offers to the contemporary generation a taste of how They made movies about 80 years ago. The allure of this usp will make the young and old alike to rush to theaters.

The Movie tells the story of a hearthrob in 1927. George Valentine(Jean Dujardin) comes out of a premier of another of his many hits and thronged by the media literraly bumps into Peppy Miller(Bérénice Bejo ). On the request of the media, she plants a kiss on Valentine, which inturns turns her in a media interest overnight. Inspired by the events, Miller auditions for a picture and again bumps into Valentine. The two strike an immidiate chord. Valentine starts feeling limp in Miller’s presense and Miller too has her moments of weakness. As The two walk there respective paths, the arrival of Talkies turns the life of our silent Star Valentine upside down, while it inturns catapulates, Miller to the top of the food chain. What follows is a gripping and emmotional tale of self discovery, sufferings and love ….

Every aspect of the story is dealt with such subtelity that you would love it to the core. The visuals are breathtaking. The fade in, the transitions, the frames per second rate for the time are all restored. Even the title bars will remind youof the bygone era. The costumes, the lighting, the make up, the hir styling every aspect is spot on. The visual aspects bears a splendour reminiscent of  the bygone era. For all those who have enjoyed the classics of  the 20s and the 30s, will have a constant feel of Deja Vu and will wonder at the amount of effort which has gone into making this motion picture.

The lead pair stand out performence wise and all the rest are there just to provide them with fodder. Djardin and Bejo single handedly drive this vehicle through all the twists and turns and arrive at the destination with  flare. The imaginative use of silence and the rousing background score also add to its charm.

Overall , The Artist is a must watch. If this year one has to see just one movie then that should definitely be the Artist. My heart will root for it this Oscar….


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