Released in the year 1998, Dulhe Raja stands tall as one of the most hilarious and out of the world comedy ever to grace the silver screen. Govinda plays Raja who apparently is more powerful than any law enforcement authority or even a business tycoon of the city. He runs an a illegally encroached dhaba inside the premises of a five star hotel. The hotel’s owner Mr. Singhania (Kader Khan) tries his best to get him evicted but every effort is met with aplomb by Raja and every time, the owner ends up in the loosing end. The biggest problem for him starts when his daughter Kiran(Raveena Tandon) falls head over heels in love with Raja. Helpless Singhaniya now stoops down to unbelievable lows to tackle Raja which leads to some hilariously funny sequences.

Dulhe Raja has a plot which is straight out of this world. There sequences which are so absurd that we might not even dream about such sequences but they are actually taking place here and believe me they will make you roll out with laughter. If movies were meant to entertain alone then Dulhe Raja would be on the Oscar podium but the fact remains that movies are to entertain and enlighten which is not the case here. If one has to enjoy Dulhe Raja, he/she has to leave his/her brains at home. if you try to make sense out of the plot or the proceedings, you would miss out on the entertainment. Just kick back and let the sequences take you over.

Dulhe Raja is  a perfect example of how a successful pair of seasoned artist can make all the difference to an average plot and elevate the movie experience phenomenally. Govinda and Kader khan have such chemistry between them that the viewers will have little time to look at anything else. There sequences together will bring out both laughter as well as shock from the viewers. Then there is Jonney Lever as Banke, the hotel manager who has immaculate comic timing and would go to any extent to aid Raja. His interactions with Kader Khan will also extract a fair amount of laughter.There isn’t much to write home about the story. Dulhe Raja provides a series of unforgettably funny sequences acted out by two of the greatest piogant of the genre in the Hindi Film Industry woven together with some decent action and a few catchy song and dance numbers. Its  aworthy watch at any time if one feels bored or low…..It will spring you back to life.


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