The Underworld Trilogy has been a perfect example of popcorn entertainment ever since its inception. After sitting through each of the movie I felt  that One more movie and they would over do the franchise but every time I was proved wrong owing to some exhilarating action sequences and acceptable storyline. Even the performances kept getting better and better with time. So when I heard of this fourth installment I had mixed feelings about it. Half of my heart felt it would be another belter but the rest of it said that this could just be that installment where they go the full Monty. The biggest suspense now for me was to see which half was right.

Underworld Awakening starts off with a breezy flashback which puts the viewers who might have missed the other installments of the trilogy on the same page as the others who might have caught them. Selene(Kate Beckinsale) is looking to escape with her partner Michele(surprisingly missing from the cast and credit) is looking to escape from the wrath of the humans who have discovered the presence of the Vampires and Lycans and are going all out to cleanse their population of these abomination of the nature.Selene and Michele end up in a lab with a third entity known only as Subject 2. Interestingly enough Selene shares a unique bond with Subject 2 and they escape the facility with their captors hot on their trail. As Selene tries to first save and then defend Subject 2 from the humans, she realizes that what seems like a clear case of survival of the fittest might not just be as simple as it looks.

The story has enough meat to fit the action in with gusto. We have seen many mindless action flicks sink without a trace. Underworld Awakening might not be Oscar worthy story wise but it does have enough plot to suck the viewers in. You feel a bit for the characters and thats what makes the action sequences and “there are lots of it” interesting. The 3D technology used does elevate the effectiveness of the sequences but I felt that they were a bit dull in comparison to some of the more recent action flicks. The performances are just apt. Kate Beckinsale reprises her role of Selene and she knows exactly what to do with it. She has matured over the last three movie and her mannerism as well as looks now have a rugged splendor about it. She looks cool in the action sequences and does fairly enough in the dramatic moments. Stephen Rea is Wonderful. The rest are there just for the ride.

Having said all that, Underworld Awakening will still remain a one time watch. It has fair merits as an entertainer but that remains limited to just one viewing. It one of those movie which you see in a theater and clap but by the time you move out of the theater, you have already forgotten what it was all about. It entertains and thats all it doe. Do we care for anything more ??? if yes den skip this one or else get yourself that tub of popcorn and sit back and enjoy the show….!!!




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