Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is one of those movies which has nothing to offer in terms of cinematic and the literal point of views and yet is amazingly refreshing and is bound to make you watch it again and again. The first installment called The Journey To The Center Of The Earth was similar in nature to this one but had more meat but then It didn’t have Dwayne Johnson. The story picks up from where the first one left. We find that Sean (Josh Hutcherson) has moved to Dayton with his mom and her new husband Hank (Dwayne Jhonson). He has trouble putting up with the authoritative Hank and his disciplined ways. He receives a coded message from his long lost Grandfather Alexander Anderson (Michele Caine) telling him the whereabouts of THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND from the famous Jules Verne book. Sean sets out to find out the island and his grandfather and is accompanied by Hank who is trying to strike a chord with Sean. En-route they meet Kailani (Vanessa Hudgens) and Gabato (Luis Guzmán). The father daughter duo provide Sean and Hank with the much needed transportation. Once on the island, after a fateful crash, the  the group finds itself facing the strange flora and fauna of the island as well as making some startling discoveries which include the LOST CITY OF ATLANTIC and Captain Nemo’s submarine THE NAUTILUS.

The movie packs in some decent punches along with some impressive visual effects. Sans a few grey spots here ad there, the VFX are good enough to hold up eve today. The story has enough to keep you interested and the fast pace doesn’t let you slip off into boredom. The performances are another high point of this adventure. Dwayne Johnson sparkles as Hank and provides enough eye candy to keep you interested. His comic timing is so great that one will fall in love with it. And then there is Luis Guzmán as Gabato who looks both endearing and lovable. The Set pieces really work well and are so may with so little time in between that you are constantly intrigued. I loved the lizard sequence, the bird attack, the finding of the nautilus and the manner in which they recharge its battery and not to forget the big climax. I can easily watch this film a few times more simply because of its earnestness, comedy and bravura visuals and action.

But as is customary with these kind of movies, it doesn’t have much to offer from a literary point of view. For purists it will be a flawed outing with raised fingers on both acting as well as plot and production. But then do we actually go to such movies with much of literary ideals in mind. If the answer is no then give it a watch else move on to something more literary. I love this film and over the years my love fro this film has only increased.

Rating : 3.5/5 (3.5 out of 5 Stars)


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