What is it that we expect from the trademark masala movie to come out of Bollywood. We have grown up enjoying and loving these movies, blowing whistles and going Topsy turvy every time our beloved hero would throw a villain off guard. We would dance with our man and shake a hip every time he twitches a muscle. No matter how ridiculously he dresses we would still find our man adorable( quote GOVINDA aka CHI CHI) Rowdy Rathore serves as a memoir for this bygone era and its also the reason why it will work big time.

Shiva (Akshay Kumar), is a small time thief. A chance encounter with Priya(Sonakshi Sinha) changes his life and he falls madly in love with her but fate has other plans for him. His almost perfect world is rocked when a child recognizes him as her father and subsequently he become the target of some furious onslaught from a baddies who seem to recognize him to but not as Shiva but as Vikram Rathore. What follows is a whirlwind adventure peppered with love, romance action, drama and loads of mannerism.

The first half is utilized to set up the characters and the story and post interval, the action takes over and that too in style. Prabhudeva does know how to use the star to his advantage and once again he has been able to cook a dish which will attract and satisfy almost all sects of the cine goers apart from the literary kind. As is understandable, there is a total lack of sanity and accountability and that just adds to the fun of the whole movie. The hero here is larger than life and he is made so with the clear intent of giving the viewer a feel of “HE  IS DOING WHAT I WANTED TO DO”. This feeling accentuates the movie at different levels and ads to its exciting entertainment quotient.

There is enough romance and comedy in the first half to get you started. The Song and dance routines though feel forced at many junctures don’t harm the film apart from the last song which I felt dragged the inevitable and was totally needless. The ballistic styled action, which reminds us so much of John Woo and some of his classic action outings is beautifully choreographed. The action sequence at the interval point sets alight the proceeding and the second half doesn’t disappoint us in any manner. Akshay Kumar suits the figure of Rowdy Rathore to perfection and looks comfortable both in the action sequences as well as the dramatic parts. Rowdy Rathore also boasts of some really good baddies and that in turns enhances the heroism of  the protagonist. Sonakshi Sinha gets a meatier role from her first outing and does not disappoint. She looks alluring and voluptuous in a role which demands very little.

The Cinematography is picture perfect but the editing leaves a lot to be desired. I especially felt that the introduction of Vikram Rathore and the initial cast and credit sequence were disasters from an editing point of view. Rowdy Rathore being remake of a Telegu Blockbuster and the south boasting of some of the best editors in the industry, such flaws were a little less than blasphemy. The music was another downer. I believe that the plot had enough room for some soulful and foot tapping numbers but alas!!! Sajid Wajid fall short…

Overall, Rowdy Ratore is thoroughly entertaining and has BLOCKBUSTER written all over it!!!



5 Comments Add yours

  1. preetam mukherjee says:

    thanx bro for the update…wll defintly look 4wrd 4 ds mvie…as well as eager 2 watch bikram singha…n lets see who hs done better….dont angry me…..lolzzz…..

  2. Was really a great entertainer per se. went to the old talkie(Apsara) rather than going to multiplexes for the real entertainments. In all it was worth the watch

  3. Aambar says:

    i’m looking forward to bikram singha!!!!

  4. antara says:

    does the “literary kind” refer to me??? LOL!!!!

  5. Aambar says:

    no mam!!!….I guess you will lyk it….


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