With The Amazing Spiderman, Sony picture is trying to both cash in on the already existing following of the franchise as also attempting to reboot the franchise with some much needed gusto. With the last installment of Spiderman released a while back, the expectation as well as the wait for the latest movie had reached an unparalleled high. Such was the demand that cinemas were running houseful almost a week before the release thanks to advance bookings. The fresh cast and the advancements in the 3D technologies over the years added to the already pulsating wait. The big question now was would Spiderman deliver???
Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) discovers a clue that set him on course to finding the reason for his father’s disappearance years ago. He finds his father’s formula for a cross species genetic interchange which could be Medical science’s answers o many incurable diseases like Alzheimer, loss of limbs etc. Parker meets Dr. Connors (Rhys Ifans), who was his father’s associate and but on that very fateful day, Parker is bitten by a genetically engineered spider which turns him into the amazing Spiderman. On the other hand after getting the formula discovered by Peter’s father, Dr. Connors successfully applies it on mice and coming under pressure from his bosses at Oscorp, he is forced to move to Human Trials with devastating results.

Once the basic premise is set up, the action takes over. The second half the movie is mostly dedicated to the action sequences which are aplenty. The first half slags a bit because of the unnecessary attention given to the development of Peter’s love interest in Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). Even though their chemistry works but it just doesn’t have the appeal to keep you interested for too long. The scenes between Ben Parker aunt May and Peter also make us restless as we are waiting to see the big leap of joy from our spidey but it arrives quite late in the day if you ask me.
Coming to the visual effects, as is customary with Hollywood, the VFX are stunning. I have read a few reviews saying that the 3D is used as a gimmick to make up for more attention and interest in the movie. Let me ascertain here that, the 3D technology is better suited to Spiderman franchise any other Superhero movie simply because of the setting and the kind of action that Spidey movies provide us with. The huge leaps across the building, the gravity defying actions, the tag form one building to another and this time, the first person prospective jumps and swings. All of it seems more real in 3D and it amazingly adds to the visual treat that The Amazing Spiderman is.
Andrew Garfield is perfect as the geeky Peter Parker and then the cocky Spiderman. He has picked up the role in his own way and doesn’t seem to have any influence from McGuire who had essayed the role so convincingly in the earlier versions. Emma Stone does well too in her role. She is charming in the scenes she shares with Parker. The Lizard (Spidey’s adversary) is a CGI being altogether, but does make its impact felt in the later halves of the movie. Rhys Ifans is apt as Dr. Connors. For Indian fans Irrfan Khan is wasted in a role that could have been done by any one.
Overall, The Amazing Spiderman has everything that a spidey fan could ask for this week and it should be a big hit with people of age group 5-25. People looking for serious fare need to look elsewhere. But if you are looking for some escapist entertainment to keep you glued to you seats for two hours and some amazing visual wizardry, then The Amazing Spiderman is your best bet this week.



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