After the phenomenal success of his preceding films, Rohit Shetty’s Bol Bachchan comes in with the baggage of huge expectations on its shoulders. With no Arshad Warsi and Abhishek Bachachan making a comeback to the Shetty camp with a fleshed out role, the stakes were now even higher. The music was not chartbusting as compared to the other movies of Shetty but the promos did grab attention. As I walked into a packed Gold Cinema here in Guwahati, I had big expectations.

Let me start by ascertaining the fact that Bol Bachachan is a loose remake of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s cult classic Golmal. Abbas (Abhishek) is a down on luck youngster who loses his everything in a trial and is persuaded by Shastri (Assrani) to accompany him to Raunakpur. The aim is to change the proceedings and breathe fresh life into the otherwise mundane life of his and his sister Saniya (Asin). As luck would have it, resulting in some strange events Abbas ends up as an employee at the local Landlord’s estate. Pritviraj Raghuvanshi (Ajay Devgan) quickly becomes his overseer and above all a terror as he would forgive anything but deceit and lie, which inturns forms the basis of Abbas’ employment at his estate. Abbas tries to evade an ever doubting associate of Prithiviraj, Makhan (Neeraj Vohra) and an otherwise unsuspecting Prithviraj, with some hilarious outcomes.

Bol Bachchan is typical Rohit Shetty stuff with absolutely no connection to reality what so ever. The proceeding, the action, the comedy and the drama (whatever little is there) is so very over the top that people will fall in love with it. It forms the perfect get away after a hard day’s work. The comedy is mostly situational and apart from a few gags none of it seems forced. The sparkling chemistry between the duo of Ajay Devgan and Abhishek Bachchan really makes it a laugh riot. They complement each other scene per scene and Ajay is matured enough to take the back seat every now and then letting Abhishek be the hero as the film is about Abbas and his Bol Bachchan.

The supporting cast is hilarious. Krishna, playing Abhishek’s accomplice in crime is stupendous. One would easily notice a twitch of Govinda in his antiques. Assrani is apt as usual. Watch out for the sequence towards the end of the movie where he lashes out at Abbas after facing a tough situation. Archana Puran Singh is befitting in a role tailor-made for her. But the pick of the lot would be Neeraj Vohra. Essaying the role of a hapless associate of Ajay Devgan, who knows that Abbas is not what he says he is, but unable to prove a thing, Vohra wonderfully depicts the over the top reactions of a man who would do anything to prove himself right.

Bol Bachchan has plenty of pluses but I felt that it was a tad too long. Standing at approx 2 hours and 40 minutes, it will test your patience to tolerate mindless comedy for the duration but no one in the theaters seems to have any problems with that. The entertainment quotient is so high that a move of this sort is bound to turn out as a money spinner. Those looking for sensible and tout cinema should steer clear of this one. For all those who would willingly seat in the front stalls and hoot and cat call, Bol Bachchan is the flavor of the week for you. It is an out and out entertainer and it delivers exactly what it promises it would, “A truck Load of Entertainment”.


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  1. preetam mukherjee says:

    seriously a hillarious truck Load of Entertainment.


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