With the first look at the promos of Player and one knew what it was all about. Italian Job is a popular movie in this part of the world and unlike their earlier attempts at copying movies which was unheard of,the duo of Abbas-Mastan try to remake a cult classic this time, which has over the years grown in popularity but fail miserably. considering their earlier attempts like Race, Ajnaabi which was a remake of an almost soft-core film Zebra Lounge, and even Humraaz, Players is an apparent copy paste job with no novelty what so ever.

The story involves a master planner and thief with a heart of gold, Charlie(Abhishek Bachchan), who recieves a tip from a fellow thief about a huge booty of gold making its way through Russia. Charlie assembles a team of the best players in the business to take down the haul. They pull off the heist flawlessly but then Charlie and his team are betrayed and they are left with nothing but one bar of gold from the cache. Charlie also looses three of his team members in the process. Hurt and disillusioned, Charlie sets out to extract revenge on the perpetrators and also win back the cache of Gold which is rightfully his.

There are thrills aplenty, as is customary with all Abbas-Mustan fare but none of it is thrilling enough to extract any emotions from the audiences. The characters try their best to get us involved in their world but we are just not intrigued. This could be contributed to some lackluster and soulless writing and also due to total lack of depth in the characters. The meager fan following of the ensemble cast also does not help matters. The action sequences are done nicely though. The rail Heist sequence as well as the manoeuvrings of the pint sized cars through the subway are the high points of the movie.

Abbas-Mustan are known for creating racy thrillers with chart busting tracks which have over the years hugely affected business of their films, Be it the “Bazigaar o Bazigaar” from Bazigaar, “Soldier” or even Pehli “Nazar Mein” from the recent Race, Music has always been a forte of the duo. Players, surprisingly has an unbelievably mundane sound track which neither soothes nor excites. Writing this review, now I can hardly remember a single track from the film. the beus have hardly anything to do apart from looking alluring. Bipasha does well in achieving that but the same cannot be said about Sonam Kapoor. Sonam looks out of place and irritating at times. Most importantly she looks disinterested in the proceedings and just wades though the motion. Abhishek Bachchan is the only saving grace of this disaster and he too cannot steer away this Titanic from galloping its way to the imminent ice berg and its subsequent destiny.

Overall, Players is just the wrong movie released at the worst possible time. Abbas-Mastan’s formulaic stuff have lost their appeal over the years. They need to rethink their game plan all over again.Going by their earlier achievements, I dont think the time is right to write them off just as of yet. But for now, One has to stay away from Players. Watching Players is similar to drinking water after consuming a bar of Chocolate. It spoils your taste.



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