Coming from Homi Adajania, the director who gave us an intelligent thriller like Being Cyrus, Cocktail is a gigantic disappointment. I was expecting at least a gripping tale of love, passion, romance and drama but what we get instead is a hamming tale of boring “say na you love me!!!”  The plot revolves around three friends, Veronica, Gautam and Meera. While Veronica is a hip, no strings attached girl with attitude, Gautam is the uber cool metro sexual male who wants a piece of every meat that crosses his path. All seems to be well until Gautam’s mother shows up at Veronica’s doorstep one fateful day and the three friends are drawn into the fangs of romantic love. While Gautam and Meera fall in love with each other, Veronica falls for Gautam. The rest of the story is about who gets who.

The biggest flaw of Cocktail is that it has a story which offers nothing new whatsoever. The climax is beaten to death and we have come across it at least a dozen times before. The characters even though essayed with great panache by the ensemble cast, can hardly extract any emotions. The plot drags at several points and even though the songs are melodious, they work as a further speed breaker for an already decelerating vehicle. In short Cocktail gives us a feel of déjà vu all the way through and that too not in the best way.

Saif, Deepika and Diana absolutely tanked but the star of the vehicle would be undoubtedly Deepika. She looks alluring and acts with such conviction. She doesn’t look out of focus in a single screen and oozes with confidence and style. Saif is apt in a role which calls for his mannerism. His Delhite intonations and coolness add to the charm of his character. Diana is subdued but resolute. The look and feel of the movie is fresh and the styling of all the major characters is done immaculately.  The music is hip and in, at least for the while.

Overall Cocktail is drab and watch it only if you have nothing else to do and are desperate to spend two and a half hours in a theater.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ashim says:

    I like your reviews… but somehow I’m disappointed with this review of yours… There weren’t any loo breaks in the movie which makes it a good film… Its not always about story… Sometimes its about presentation too… I rest my case here… 😀

  2. style over substance is not good!!!…..there is nothing to take home in this movie…at least for me my friend…but then again you may have liked it….

  3. subhra says:

    this was such a crappy movie…! i want those 2 and half hours back so that i can play games instead. watching telebrands ads is better than this piece of junk.


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