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Jason Statham plays an Assassin, Jason Statham plays a gun for hire, Jason Statham plays a mercenary…. I guess you get the picture. For the last couple of years Jason Statham has been doing and redoing himself the assassin act so much that now he can almost be called type cast in these kinds of roles, but the fact remains that he has been doing it so convincingly that we have come to love every bit of it. Transporter Trilogy, Crank Duology, The Mechanic, The Expendables, etc etc etc…The list just goes on and on and now we have Killer Elite where he teams up with a veteran dark horse, Robert De Niro.The big question was will it be that time, when Statham and his directors get it wrong for the first time ?

Killer Elite tells us the story of Danny (Statham), a special OPS commando, who, after a fateful incident involving an assassination involving a kid hangs up his boots. A year later, Danny’s mentor and close associate Hunter(De Niro) is kidnapped and in turn for his freedom, Danny is asked to assassinate a team of three elite SAS commandos who had participated in the death of Danny’s employer’s sons. Torn between his desire for a peaceful life, a loving girlfriend and his loyalty and responsibility towards his friend and mentor, Danny starts tearing into the team. But as he moves ahead with his mission, he realizes that there is more to the mission, than what meets the eye.

Killer Elite claims to have its source material deeply rooted in the book “THE FEATHER MEN” by Ranulph Fiennes. The book chronicles the journey and exploits of the SAS team in places like OMAN and Marbait and was met with unprecedented hostility and controversy upon its release. However, the best thing about Killer Elite is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It could have so easily drifted into a social commentary about the goods and evils of war for oil. That would have been a possible yawn yawn case, but not here. Gary McKendry skillfully builds up a respectable plot with just about enough twist and turn to keep you interested and then hands over the baton to the action sequences top take over.

The action sequences are choreographed with vitality and energy. It has the typical Jason Statham stamp all over it, with absolute minimum use of wires and physicality injected into every thrust and turn of the bodies. The action sequence between Statham and Clive Owen world raise a few pulses for sure. The action however never tries to take over the narrative and that’s another huge plus for the movie. There is enough drama and the obvious closed room sequences to put the plans into action. The performances are absolutely believable. Statham is his usual self and is a charmer. Robert De Niro oozes charm and charisma in the limited screen time that he has. Clive Owen is apt.

Overall, Killer Elite might be one of those many, Jason Statham action flick but it has what it takes to entertain you for the duration of its runtime and I guess thats saying a lot about it. So give it a view and chances are you will enjoy it.


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  1. Jason Statham has certainly lost his usually cool characteristics in the midst of his action frenzy movies . Starting from the get goes of The One (Jet Li) backing with The Transporter series, all this has landed him on the mark as an action superstar, but Jason’s superb unforgettable roles are the ones from Snatch, Revolver,London and the most thrilling 13. Now people put Jason only in one genre of movie which is killing his versatile character.

  2. superb observation Brad….couldn’t have put that forward better myself!!!


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