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The two previous Men In Black Movies have been success stories involving aliens, cool gadgets, slapstick comedy and cast of actors whose fan following is huge. The MIB series never took itself seriously. It was there just to provide you with a spectacle that would make up for the amount of money that you have spent to earn the right of admission. MIB 1 was the better of the two even though the basic premise of the two remained same yet the first installment involved more of the human angle than the second and as it was the first of its kind, it duly enjoyed its novelty. However, after sitting through the third installment, I have to admit that MIB3 will surely give MIB1 a run for its money.

MIB 3 starts from where the previous installment had left off. Zed is dead and his place is taken over by O who is rumored to have shared a feisty relationship with K(Tommy Lee Jones). In the mean time, an alien named Boris The Animal, escapes from a secured facility called Lunar Max to travel back in time and murder K resulting in Earth standing defenseless in front of an imminent alien attack. J(Will Smith) must now travel back in time to meet with a younger K(Josh Brolin) and save him from Boris and in doing so save earth in the process. J is also looking for some much needed answers which has been kept away from him sighting his pay grade.

MIB 3 is an enjoyable movie with so much happening in so little time that the audience is sure to be left exasperated. The plot and the twist and turns are decent with the master stroke being delivered right at the end. The action is both good looking and imaginative. The creatures though were somewhat shallow. I believe going by the standards of  CGI development these days, some of the aliens looked rather cheesy and some of their make ups felt fake. However, our attention is fixed on the principle cast and their exploits and they hardly provide us with any breathing space to take notice of the rest of the proceedings. The action is intense and whole movie is one big chase sequence with dosage of slapstick humor and toned down drama put in at just about the right times.

Will Smith is comfortable in a role which has been identified with him and his exploits. His fans would be just happy to see him after such a long lay off and he does just about enough to keep them happy. Tommy Lee Jones has a shorter role compared to the previous  two installments but leaves his trademark effect on the narrative. Josh Brolin does a good job as a younger version of K. He seems like one who would age into a Tommy Lee Jones and thats what make up his performance worthwhile. At 1hour and a touch below another, MIB 3 has the perfect duration to keep you hooked. Even tough I was unable to watch this one in 3D, I feel, the 3D rendering would have added charm to most of the action sequences.

Overall, MIB 3 is a good one time watch but thats about it.