The Bengali movies off late have seen a huge upward surge with dream makers like Shrijit Mukherjee, Sandeep Ray and Anjan Dutt taking Tollywood places and the reincarnation of the Byomkesh Franchise stands testimony to that fact. Who could have forgotten the astute performance of Mahanayak Uttam Kumar as the Bong sleuth in Satyajit Ray’s classic Chiriakhna? It’s a surprise that it has taken Tollywood almost ages to tap into such an inspiring and popular source of entertainment. However, better late than never.

imageAbar Byomkesh is based on the story “Chitrochor” by Saradindu Bandopaddhyay. The events in the movie however unfold just after the case of “Adim Ripu” which accounted for the plot of the first installment of this trilogy. Byomkesh (Abir Chatterjee) is taken seriously ill after the events of the first installment and he barely escapes his end. On the advice of the doctor, Ajit (Saswata Chatterjee) and his wife Satyabati (Usashi Chakrabarty) take him to the town of Doers for a much needed vacation. Byomkesh’s arrival however set alight the proceedings for the sleepy town. The locals arrange a party in his honor. In this party Byomkesh is introduced to a range of personalities each with a duality to their simplified exteriors and also comes to kno82644w of a seemingly amateurish theft of a group photograph. As the plot thickens, Byomkesh cannot help but feel that the theft may be linked to a greater plot afoot in the seemingly peaceful town of Doers. It’s only a matter of time before people start falling dead and its left up to the sharp wit of Byomkesh and able assistance of Ajit to dig out the wrong doers.

98716Abar Byomkesh is a worthy follow up to the already popular Byomkesh Bakshi. Anjan Dutt carefully builds up the suspense staying true to the source material and keeps every histrionic in check. The pace of the movie is keeping with the mood and setting and it’s just about perfect. The thrill and atmospheric suspense is conjured up to perfection and when the finale arrives, it leaves you satisfied. The drama involving the case and also the age old husband-wife chaos is interwoven into the narrative. Byomkesh’s frustration with his sickness, his inability to get a smoke and his disagreements with Satyabati adds to the chocked feeling of not knowing what comes next in the case. The audience is drawn into the narrative and kept interested all the way through. Unlike the first installment, Abar Byomkesh has a story which is handicapped by its limited scope but the wonderful direction and performances’ more than make up for it.

Abir is settling down beautifully into the role of Byomkesh. Unlike the first part, where many cited Ajit overpowering his character, Byomkesh is in full control here and lets you know who the boss is. His mannerism, his outburst and his 7vKvlcsnap201idAdevilish cool persona are all in keeping with the endearing character that Byomkesh is. Saswata has been having a dream run for the past few years and this here is another jewel in his crown. Letting Byomkesh be the man, he still manages to get noticed. There is a charisma about him which can be spotted from miles away. Usashi is perfect as Satyabati.

The production aesthetics are given utmost importance. The music, whatever little is there is enchanting. The rendering of the song, “Sakhi Bhabona kahare Bole”, It is used as a palate to introduce us to the many faces in the town. With the melody flowing with the narration it sets the mood for the rest of the eventful evening. Abar Byomkesh is a beautifully shot film which will leave you with very little complain. The stakes for the next installment are already high.


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