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When in the middle of a picture one starts exchanging sms’ , one has to agree to the fact that there is something wrong with the movie and that’s exactly what I realized sitting through this almost three hour long magnum opus if we may call it so. I was thrilled by Gangs Of Wasseypur. Every character, every scene is still etched in my memory like a well read book and where Wasseypur had left off, the audience could not help but wait with bated breath to see where Sardar Khan’s endeavors take him. Even though we knew that this installment will emphasize on his sons, Sardar Khan was never out of our mind. I went to the theater with epic expectations. Over the years I have come to love and relate with Anurag Kashyap’s cinema as it has never let me down. It has always given me material to ruminate over and above all it has entertained me to the fullest. So is Gangs Of Wasseypur Part II a worthy finale to its predecessor. The answer is a resounding “NO”.

The movie starts off exactly from where the first installment left off. Sardar Khan is brutally attacked and by the time his sons arrive at the scene, he has already breathed his last. His elder Son Danish tries to take reigns of his empire but after a brief surge, he is axed by Sardar’s arch rival, Sultan Qureshi. Distraught at her successive losses, Nagma questions the manhood of Faizal Khan, Sardar’s Younger Son who responds to her mother’s call by striking back to eliminate a conspirator of his father’s and brother’s murder. This murder starts off a chain of events which makes Faisal, the overseer of Wasseypur just as his father was. However as the saying goes, “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”, Faizal has to lock horns repeatedly with his father’s enemies Ramadhir Singh and Sultan Qureshi, who on the other hand would stop at nothing to destroy Faizal’s hold on the city and send him screaming down to his grave. The matter is further complicated with the arrival of three new characters, Definite, the son of Durga and Sardar, Perpendicular, Faizal’s younger brother and Samshad, a local degenerate who wants to take over Faizal’s empire.

Gangs Of Wasseypur Part II falters because of its incohesive writing. The first installment unfolded at a breakneck speed with every scene taking the narrative forward. The audience hardly had any dull moments whereas here the first half starts to drag after an initial burst of energy. There isn’t enough happening story wise and we are treated to some histrionics like the Faizal-Mohsina romance, the unnecessary track involving Perpendicular and the equally irrelevant track involving Shamsad. The screenplay starts to drag to such extent that the audience starts losing patience. There is a somewhat lack of seriousness to the plot which further makes the matter worse. Important characters keep dying with little or no visible impact on Faizal. There are also some indigestible plot twists thrown at us. Like the one involving a brief ceasefire between Ramadhir and Faizal, the way in which the police tries to gun down Perpendicular who is in fact a kid. Even Faizal’s rise to power is not justified properly. I mean all he does is murder a political figure. How on earth does that make him a fearsome figure in a place where the way of life is by the way of sword? Sultan Qureshi is limited to a henchman working for Ramadhir and his Soon JP and not even a good one at that. Even Ramadhir’s presence is reduced to a mere cameo which has hurt the film immensely and robbed it of one of the stars of the first installment.

The performance by the ensemble cast is competitive but the bad writing proves to be their undoing. Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Faizal is apt but he severely lacks the charm and panache of Manoj Bajpai and if I may dare say so, he isn’t ready to bear the mantle of such a huge undertaking as that of Faizal. As we get deeper and deeper into the movie his character starts losing its composer and finally falls out of sort. Even his dialog delivery lacks in several scenes. Tigmanshu Dhulia shines in whatever little role he has. However, Zeeshan Quadri who has also helmed the script with Kashyap impresses greatly in the role of Definite. He is natural and charming. His scenes with Faizal and towards the climax are absorbing. A meatier role for him was the call of the day. Richa Chaddha doesn’t have much to do, ditto for Huma Qureshi. Pankaj Tripathy carries on his role of Sultan but looks a little less convincing than the predecessor. He shine in a scene where he is shown gunning down his own sister.

Gangs Of Wasseypur Part II gives us whole a new treatment .There is no scene which will give you a feeling of being there before but unfortunately some real lackluster writing reduces it to a nonsensical piece of commercial cinema which neither has the hard hitting, on your face power of the first installment nor its witty and situational humor. I remember laughing out loud at many scenes in the previous installment but the same cannot be said about this one. The action sequences and the way in which they happen will leave you perplexed and asking yourself, what’s wrong with AK?? The climax is reminiscent of many of the cliche 80s action movies in which the hero could alone beat to pulp an army of baddies. Even the music, which was a highpoint for the first part is mundane here.

I am totally heartbroken by the way this movie turned out. I had mammoth expectations from this one and now they are nothing but mammoth disappointments. SOB!! SOB!! SOB!!

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  1. Preetam says:

    Hahaha…….I can nvrevr be wrong bro….Thnx a lot fr d story….I knew it…..dat it wld b a blunder…..hahhaahaha…….loooooollllllzzzzzz……..

  2. akishaha says:

    Thanks for the wonderful review….

    But I m completely on the other side of urs…. 🙂

    I loved this movie rather than the first one which is not that good in script and overall concept….

    Music, Script, Dialogues, etc. are completely in sync with the story and the plot….. 🙂

    Kudos for the AK….. Kudos for Varun Grover (Lyrician), Sneha Khanwalakar (Musician), Zeishan Quadri (Story)…. 🙂

  3. thanks preetam and Akishaha for your views

  4. What a booooooring movie it was. other than the song Kala Re nothing was good about the movie , everything was just so so. Have to say Faizal couldn’t live upto his fathers name.


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