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Sasha Baron Cohen has been synonymous with outrageous humor. Movies like Borat and Bruno made us laugh out loud and they had a great re-see value associated with them. The Dictator walks the same path but with a difference in treatment. While the previous two installments took a more documentary like look at the proceedings, The Dictator follows a linear cinematic exploration of the life and times of a dictator, Admiral Aladeen (Baron) who would do anything to keep his kingdom of Wadiya under his dictatorship and stop it from becoming a democracy.

The movie starts with a brief but hilarious introduction to Aladeen and how he came to be the dictator that he was. As world pressure increases on the Kingdom of Wadiya, Aladeen is forced to deliver a speech at the UN. Once in the US, he is betrayed by his own uncle Tamir (Ben Kingsley) and is left helpless to watch his Kingdom become a democracy. Frustrated, Aladeen decides to forge a pact with a nuclear Physicist whom he had tried to execute over a trivial misgiving. The Physicist seems to be his only way into his Kingdom. On the way, Aladeen befriends a social activist with smelly armpits and also learns the art of masturbation.

The Dictator has fewer laughs as compared to the other Baron movies of the same legacy. However, the short runtime and somewhat of a human angle makes this movie enjoyable in its own strange ways. It does have its share of out of the world humor with issues such as racism, female infanticide and oppression used as the prime source of the gags. The Dictator’s total oblivion to the real world and his strong urge to make the world in his own way, accounts for some hilarious moments. Sasha Cohen Baron proves again that he has the charisma and the pull to dolly a film on his shoulders alone. He has a very real feel to every role he enacts and that goes on to make the humor effective. No matter how insane his dialogs or actions are, his acting gives you a notion that he has complete faith in what he is doing. That’s what makes the humor click.

There are some scenes which are of special mention. The introduction, the climax, the scene with the Physicist before his execution and the montage of shots which make up the end credits. I also loved the scene where he is about to be tortured by an American guard and shows off his extensive knowledge of torture tools. But there are moments of boredom and unnecessary drama where in nothing happens of the plot. The development of the romantic relationship between the Dictator and his to be wife is outrageous but does suit the mood.

Overall, the Dictator is a funny one time watch for the lovers of the genre. If you didn’t like Borat or Bruno, you may skip this one. However for the fans of Baron, this will be a good watch but don’t go in with a mind to see another laugh riot like Borat. The Dictator is funny and entertaining but it is Just about there.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    good review. hilarious movie with many memorable scenes. Sacha is the man!!!

  2. subhra says:

    good review. hilarious movie with many memorable scenes. Sacha is the man!!!


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