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Based on one of the most difficult to find comic books, The Bulletproof Monk is an endearing tale of power, sacrifice, belief and above all fellowship. Chow Yun fat plays a monk without any name who has been protecting an ancient secret for ages. The scroll has protected him in return by keeping him young but now he must turn over the responsibility to someone else. His search brings him all the way to America and face to face with Kar(Sean William Scott) and Jade(Jaime King). Both of his prodigies turn out to be difficult to control and convince and the return of an old adversary of the monk to snatch the scroll from him also doesn’t help his cause. What follows is a whirlwind adventure which would stretch the bonds of fellowship between the trio and above all their ability to withstand in-front of their greatest adversary.

I have a fan-boy relationship with this movie. It was one of those early movies which instilled a sense of thrill and adventure in me which still exists. I just love this movie for what it is and a 100 things that it could have been. It cannot be said that this is the best martial arts movie or that it is path breaking in any ways but it has  strange likeness to it which is very difficult to express in words. To start with, this is one of the first martial arts movie which I had seen and understood. There is a charm about Chow Yun Fat and his charecter which has not been equaled to many times. The character is comprehensible to many different segments of the viewers including the kids. The character is larger than life and yet very accessible. The many action sequences are done with elan and a sense of grace. This is not one of those hardcore martial arts movie where in the fight sequences are so fast that once in a while we miss a detail or two. In case of the Bulletproof Monk , there is a lot many slow motion sequences which add to the elan of the screenplay

Then there is Sean William Scott and his subtle humor with Chow Yun Fat. The sequences, they share together are a delight to watch. Special mention must be given to the sequence where the monk tries to teach Scott the true value of life and its meaning using components of fast food. The training sequence is also a delight. The sequence in which the Monk burst into action for the first time in the middle of the city with Scott beholding spectacle is  a sequence to hoot for. Then there is the bad guy Strucker(Karel Roden) who is just menacing enough to make you look up and take notice. He is vile and sadistic and would do anything to get his hand on the scroll. he proves to be an apt adversary for our Monk. However Jaime King is barely there but does well in her brief appearance.

Bulletproof Monk has been a favorite for as long as I can remember and it will continue to be so.



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