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SHIRIN FARHAD KI TOH NIKAL PADI turns out to be one of those movie from which you never expect anything yet it surprises you in the best possible ways.over the years we have come across so many love stories but very few which have actually touched our heart and harped at the right strings. Here we have a love story which doesn’t try to out run itself and being within its limits is able to achieve which many biggies have failed to do.

Farhad(Boman Irani), is a salesman at a Lingerie Store. He is 45 years old and still unmarried. If that was not enough he has a family of individuals including his mom and grandma who are driving him nuts to get married. But he keeps getting rejected mostly for his profession. As desperate times calls for desperate measures, Farhad takes matters in his own hand as he starts vying for the attention of Shirin(Farah Khan), again a  40+ entity who seems to like Farhad’s simplistic ways. But as luck would have it matters take a turn for bad as Shirin unknowingly demolishes a construction which apparently is one of the two most dearest things on earth for Farhad’s mom, the other being Farhad himself. The lady is now hell bent on demolishing the perfect pairing. “What will happen to Shirin and Farhad??”,  is the big question left to be answered.

SHIRIN FARHAD KI TOH NIKAL PADI is a simplistic tale of two middle class individuals with very meager yet out of control problems. The reason why it will appeal to the adult masses will be because of them might have faced a similar predicament some time or the other. The screenplay is brisk and apart from the time when romance blossoms between the couple, the happenings are curt and fast. Some scenes may have been done away with, but then again its a Hindi film right!!! Another huge plus for the movie is the sparkling chemistry between the lead pair. Boman and Farah light up the screen with their restrained yet so very lovely performance. There isn’t a scene in the movie in which the two awkward or out of place. If they do, then it intentional. Some of the romantic sequences even though horrendously outlandish, look cute with Boman and Farah enacting the parts. The comedy though is subtle makes its presence felt again and again. I had a grin all throughout the movie. Daisy Irani as Boman’s mother  is hillarious to say the least. The sequences between her, Farah and Boman are a treat to watch.

Bela Segal has sliced out a piece of real life as her first offering which works for most of the part. However as is customary, it has its share of limitations owing to its limited premise. But that should not stop you from watching this immaculately created Parsi delicacy at-least once. Chances are you will love it!!!



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