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Oh My God!!! The three words that came out of my mouth after the screening of Joker was over at one of the cheapest cinemas here in Guwahati were enough to explain a shattered feeling that lurked all around the capacity crowd that was present. I never had any high expectations from this one and was always aware of the fact that this was one of those movies which had to be enjoyed sitting on the front stalls with the “aam Junta” and never at a plush multiplex. The reason was to be at par with the people for whom this disastrous fare seemed to have been aimed at. The Junta, however ‘aam”, still have a rationality of their own and all that Joker does is molests that sense of sensibility with furious vigor. Scene after scene we are treated with such horrendous nonsense that even if it was played in a mental institution, the patients (viewers) would complain for lack of sense in the narrative.

Joker is the story of Paglapur, a God forsaken village in India which has been abandoned by one and all. Agastya (Akshay Kumar) of the same village is a scientist at NASA and is summoned back to the village sighting a reason which turns out to be false. Once he reaches back, he quickly gets sucked into the very Indianish problems of the village which are if you already don’t know, Water and Electricity. Agastya tries tooth and nail to get the attention of the administration but he is sent back sighting the questionability of his village’s existence as the reason. Distraught, Agastya decides to improvise to put his village on the map. With the help of the villagers, he creates Alien Circles all over the crops and attracts media’s attention and thus the attention of the whole country. As the plot thickens, Agastya and team face a tough nut in Simon, an adversary of Agastya who would do anything to expose the hoax. Then there is the real alien “GOLKOT”, which makes an appearance for some strange reason and gyrates to a tune…can you believe that?

Shirish Kunder could have a made a lot out of this movie. The plot, however ridiculous it might seem, had the potential to become at least a watchable fare but the lackluster writing undoes every little glimmer of a hope. As the screenplay unfolds, we are hit by one hail storm of nonsensical rubbish after another. “An underdog story to bring afloat a village which is lost for a generation by using aliens as a means” could have been presented in a believable way with comedy thrown in chunks. But Joker takes a different path and chooses to make a mockery of everything with unbelievablity as its primary inspiration. Joker proves to be a Joke and that too not a good one. The cinematography and dreamy presentation of the village of Paglapur at night is the biggest plus that I could find. There are truckloads of questions unanswered which would be better left alone. The CGI is just as bad. The CGI rendered GOLKOT is laughably amateurish.

Akshay Kumar tries his best to lift the uninspiring script to a level but falls flat on his face. Clearly he is not to be blamed apart from the fact that he chose such a horrible movie to act in. Sonakshi Sinha, who had two back to back blockbusters, will face failure for the first time. Even though she looks pretty, she has very little to do. Her dream-wagon run at the box office windows comes to a screeching halt as news pour in of 20% occupancy for Joker at the theaters. Shreyash Talpade, who speaks gibberish which only the alien understands at the end, is somewhat passable. Chitrangada Singh in an item number at the onset is probably the lone draw for this otherwise mundane fare.

Overall, Joker is a disaster in every sense of the term. It is the kind of movie which will spoil the impression of the world’s largest entertainment industry in front of the whole world. I just hope it gets the least possible viewings and save us the embarrassment worldwide.


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