RAAZ 3 (2012) 3D

raaz-3-movie-poster-2The Bhatt camp over the years has churned out a melee of sequels and it was only a matter of time, after the success of Raaz and semi-success of Raaz 2 that Raaz 3 would be on the cards. With Bipasha Basu giving the nod for the role, Emran Hashmi tagging along and Vikram Bhatt at the helm, the picture looked promising. Raaz 3 for starters had to be an engrossing affair if it had to keep the audience’s interest. The music was not in the same league as the first two Raaz films and it did sound a sort of a warning bell for the team but still Raaz 3 generated enough curiosity to deserve a first day first show viewing.

Shanaya (Bipasha Basu) is an actress with deep rooted belief in God and his charisma. However over the years herraaz-3-movie-poster-22 stardom has been threatened by the sudden surge of another younger and prettier face Sanjana (Esha) who has been growing in the industry leaps and bounds. Shanaya’s boyfriend Aditya (Emran) is a successful director. Shanaya’s patience reaches it end when, Sanjana peeps her to clinch the title of the best actress at an award ceremony and she is left licking her wounds. Hopeless and distraught, Shanaya traverses into the ways of atheism and black magic to get rid of her challenger not knowing what tidings they will bring. She literally seduces Aditya to rope in Sanjana for a role and make her drink a potion which will give control of her soul to a man who is hardly a man. Shanaya’s plan seem to be working fine until Aditya develops tender feelings for Sanjana and starts playing spoil sport. What happens next? You have to sit through a 2 hours 30 minutes narrative to find out.

342157-raaz-3Raaz 3 can be termed as a decent one time watch. The movie takes itself seriously. The plot and the twists though very linear and having no novelty what so ever, is good enough to keep us hooked. Raaz 3 is carried forward by the dual boost of sex and horror and going by the reaction of the capacity crowd here at the screening, the formula seems to have worked. Even though the horror is amateurish and on your face, it does have its moments. The story has meat and the performances by the three principal actors infuses life into the narrative. Bipasha Basu’s portrayal of fallen star and her frustration and the desire to regain her stardom is deftly envisioned and pictured. Emran Hashmi, in a role which demanded maturity, works wonders. He had to portray a man torn between his righteousness and his love and gratitude for a woman he can’t seem to get rid off. He does so convincingly. Esha, after a few initial hiccups settles into a nice tone. Her uncanny resemblance to Angelina Jolie is one worth mentioning.

The movie has its share of sleaze and horror and that adult rating is enough to suggest the same. The steamy hqdefaultscenes between Bipasha and Emran and then between Emran and Esha will raise your pulses. However the same cannot be said about the horror. Even though there were many “uuuuf” and “awwws” across the theater, I found the horror to be repetitive and unimaginative. There isn’t a single horror sequence which you carry back home with you after the screening . Now that’s demeaning for any horror flick.

Overall, Raaz 3 is a decent one time watch but that’s all about it. Don’t expect a “The Exorcist” or even a “Ring”. You will be disappointed.


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