The picturesque state of Assam has had a lot to add to our country. Be it the state’s breathtaking scenic beauty, the world famous Assam Tea without which I don’t think I can make through a day, its rich flora and fauna and yes it has given the country one of the most gifted Film Directors of recent times, Dr. Jahnu Barua. I once had the privilege of listening to one of his speeches in a film appreciation course here in Guwahati. One being asked why he decided to shift base from Guwahati to Mumbai by a journalist, Dr. Barua replied in a melancholic tone that he made movies with the sole aim for the people to watch. As the movie going audiences of Assam have practically swayed away from Assamese Cinema he had no option but to look for a larger audience outside the state. The Answer might not have made much sense to me at that point of time but today sitting in Gold Cinema, one of the smallest Theaters of the city, I can truly and entirely relate to him. The auditorium I am sitting in has a capacity of 93 souls and the number of tickets sold today on the day of Bishwakarma Puja, which happens to be a holiday, is 4 for a 5 pm show of “EKHON NEDEKHA NODIR XIPARE”

When I reached the theater almost half an hour before the show, the patrons let me know that I was the first one to have come for the show and until at least 3-4 more people turned up, the show for the movie was a goner. As I waited with bated breath for some savior to come in, I couldn’t help but notice hoards of youngsters rushing in with their beus and even their families and thronging the counters for a ticket of Barfi!(which is a fantastic film). On not getting the same they would turn to Raaz 3(a serious dud) but that was about it. None of them even discussed about “EKHON NEDEKHA NODIR XIPARE”. Not even a question rose. “Oi Sabi neki??”(wanna watch it??)…. was the question I was looking for but that just never came up.

And then came my savior, a fellow least interested in cinema and so thin that he would not exist if he was any thinner. He was armed with two voluptuous arm candies who were equally disinterested. They were just looking for a air conditioned room to crash over for a while after a hard day o f shopping as the multiple carry bags suggested. The guy asked the patron to give them tickets towards the edge of the theater when we all know that cinegoers always look for center seats. My not so decent mind told me that they were here for something more than just comfort…Ahem!! Ahem!! Ahem!! let’s leave it at that.

The biggest shock for me was the movie in itself. “EKHON NEDEKHA NODIR XIPARE” is a beautifully crafted piece of cinema which is real and thoughtful. I was blown over by the cinematic vision of the director who has been able to dish out a sensitive topic like Terrorism in a manner which is befitting of applause. The movie holds you attention for most of the parts. There are flaws but they can be easily ignored keeping in mind some of the nonsense (read Housefull 2, Om Shanti Om) that we have blessed with 100 crores plus collection over the years. Why is it that a movie like “EKHON NEDEKHA NODIR XIPARE” doesn’t even deserve a view let alone praising it or ridiculing it?

People!!! we as movie goers have the right to thrash a crappy movie or praise a good one but ignoring a movie will only result in the death of the art. A movie like “EKHON NEDEKHA NODIR XIPARE” should not be branded as regional cinema and kept back for film students or film festivals. It’s a movie created to entertain and enlighten and it does so with élan. We as the people of Assam should go over and patronize the efforts that have gone into making such an effective picture. You may like it or you may not like it but for the love of God …Don’t ignore it!!!


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  1. Nitul says:

    Respect 2 ur thots n shame on the so called assamese rich brats…….


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