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Madhur Bhandarkar over the years has made a niche for himself making movies that brings forth realities which are right in-front of our eyes but we choose to ignore them. He is not the only director who has dealt with these theme but he has seen some prolific success because of the simple reason that his movies have taken a more entertaining and less realistic take on the subject matters. He has never adopted a documentary sort of approach to some of the most serious themes, instead he has gone for a  more popular and entertaining take. In doing so he might have ignored the reality up-to some extent but it has got him in sorts with all segments of the moviegoers. Be it people looking for sensible cinema or the ones looking for some entertainment, Madhur has pleased them all. But with Heroine, Madhur seems to have overdone himself.

Heroine dwells on the life of Mahi(Kareena Kapoor), who is at the epitome of her stardom. She has everything that someone at her position can ask for but she throws it all away following  a torrid affair with the superstar Aryan(Arjun Rampal) As Aryan dumps her, Mahi’s career takes a downward plunge and she has no clue on how to bring it back on track. In walks a a PR shark (Divya Dutt), who teaches her to mold situations into opportunities and use people for her advantage. In doing so Mahi’s career makes a sudden surge which though is short lived as her insecurity towards her partner and an obsession to prove her mettle takes us down once again. in walks Aryan once again into her life and she is momentarily happy but a conflict with Aryan and her fading stardom leaves her on the brink of doing something which will sound the death nails in her coffin. Will Mahi survive??? thats the big question for the audience.

People who have come across previous Madhur Bhandarkar films know exactly what to expect. Heroine is p[predictable. In comparison to a  movie like Fashion(and the comparisons will be there) it falls flat on material. There is enough meat in the story but the problem is that there isn’t enough shock value in the climax to make the 2 hour 30  minutes plus journey seem worthwhile. The rise and fall and the rise and  the fall again, after a while gets tedious and I found myself looking at my watch at least a couple of times. Some of the subplots though worked well speaking off which I am pointing to the track involving Abbas(Sanjay Suri) a la SRK who makes a valuable contribution to the narrative. However Randeep Hooda’s charecter sticks out like a sore thumb.

Kareena Kapoor tries her best to steer this ship to safer shores but her valiant effort is not enough to make up for the lacking in the script. The story is just not interesting enough and feels repetitive. However she does excel in some of the scenes like the one where she is knocked out of the car by Aryan, the scenes towards the end where she goes all out to make her lesser film a hit, the scenes in the first half with Aryan. I just hope the same could be said about the rest of the cast. Ranveer Shorey is wasted in a role which makes him more of a clown than a serious cinema director. Arjun Rampal has a total of “One” expression all throughout the movie. Ditto for Randeep Hooda who must now start choosing his films more carefully or else a destiny similar to Mahi awaits him in real life.

The music is passable and the “Saiyyan” track does haunt you. The cinematography is apt and the editing leaves no room to complain. The “Halkat Jawani” number proves to be mundane in the screenplay. Madhur Bhandarkar after a prolonged stint of success with social issues seems to be slipping. If Heroine is to be any indication, he seems to be running out of ideas. Heroine is strictly a one time watch.


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