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Johnny (Shreyash Talpade) aka Bakri is the biggest loser in his village. He is atrociously coward and is beaten even by the little ones of the village. He is in love with Maria (Madhurima) who happens to be the daughter of Peter (Paresh Rawal) who has a bloody feud running with john(Om Puri), Bakri’s father over a long lost love interest. Bakri is repeatedly beaten by Maria’s brothers until one day a mystery man named Kallu (Nana Patekar) arrives in the village. Seeing Kallu’s Physical prowess and his ability to remain unflinching to the greatest of dangers, Bakri employs the services of Kallu as his bodyguard after he saves his life in a freak accident. The Bakri soon becomes the tiger but little does he know that Kallu has a reason of his own to come to their village and soon things start going awry as people recognize Kallu as a convicted rapist and murderer while Bakri’s family embrace him as their long lost son Sam.

Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal is a typical Priyadarshan film sans the heart and giggles. Malamaal Weekly was a laugh riot owing to the superb performances and an absorbing storyline. It boasted of charismatic performances by Rajpal Yadav, Paresh Rawal himself and Om Puri whereas what we get here is a lot of Shreyash Talpade who seems to have no clue whatsoever to what he is doing. The biggest flaw here is a boring storyline which is coupled by a mammoth runtime. If the screenplay was folded up in about two hours, the slapstick humor might have left an impression on the audience but an additional 40 minutes ensure that the audience is irritated to the hilt. The additional minutes also lets the audience to have a closer look at the flaws. The story has nothing to keep us interested. There are unnecessary scenes which after a while start getting to your nerves.

I won’t blame the superlative actors who are a part of this disaster simply because they just didn’t stand a chance in front of the hopelessly lame story. Nana Patekar stands out though as the lone character that makes some impact on the audience simply with his physicality but then again his role starts becoming farfetched after a while and loses its grip. Paresh Rawal and Om puri are irritating and are left out to dry by the script. Paresh Rawal’s sudden change of heart at the end comes in as a sucker punch. Shreyash tries his best to make an impact but fails miserably. The music is mundane. The cinematography and the editing leave a lot to be desired. The action sequences could have been much more imaginative and would have added to the screenplay but unfortunately that is not the case.

Overall Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal is a huge disappointment. It deserves to be missed.



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