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If a title like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is not enough to generate curiosity then nothing ever will. From the initial posters to the trailer and then finally its release, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has created enough ripples which was to turn out either for good or for the worse. Directed by Timur Bekmambetov (of Wanted, Night Watch and Day Watch fame) and based on the mash novel by Seth Grahame-Smith, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter looked promising. Going by the title many took it as another of those mindless and corny summer action adventures. But for all those who are willing to look beyond the title, there are plenty of rewards.

The story follows the life of Abraham Lincoln (Benjamin Walker) as a vampire hunter as noted in his secret diary which he handed over to his good friend and vampire Henry Struges (Dominic Cooper). Lincoln’s beloved mother is killed by a vampire and he pledges revenge against the whole vampire community. He is able to corner his perpetrator and put a bullet in his eyes but the vampire springs back to life and almost kills Lincoln. He is rescued by Henry Struges who over the next few weeks nurses him back to health and teaches the tricks and trade of vampire hunting. Armed with the skills and a silver laden ask, Lincoln sets out to rid the world of its greatest menace.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a beautifully shot film. The aesthetics and the props of a bygone era are brought back to life with astute beauty. The cinematography complements the art work frame for frame. 20 minutes into the film and I was completely taken over by the narrative. The story is interesting enough and even though many charecters from the book have been done away with, the plot remains almost unchanged and boasts of enough twist turn and vampire action to quench one’s thirst for creature violence.

Timur Bekmambetov is known for his ballistic style action. He is in his element here with every action sequence carefully planned and filmed leaving the viewer exasperated. The movie makes clever use of the 3D which flawlessly blends into the action sequences and elevate their charm. Some sequences which require a special mention would be the one in which Henry rescues Lincoln from the vampire Barts, the action sequence atop horses between Lincoln and Barts and also the climax. The viewer is sure to be blown away.

Benjamin Walker is convincing and believable as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. His portrayal of the president is well suited to an action movie with the role striking a perfect balance between acting and physicality in the action sequences. Dominic Cooper is wonderful as the good vampire friend and he is the one with the curse of immortality. Mary Elizabeth Winstead looks pretty and alluring as Lincoln’s wife. Rufus Sewell is hate able as the chief antagonist Adam.

Overall, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is an immensely enjoyable film which has the right balance between action and drama rendering the narrative believable and also making us care enough for the charecters to extract emotions in the action sequences.  The towering persona of the 16th American President only adds to the shock value. This one is a must watch.



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