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And The KJo- @#tiyapa continues…

Every Karan Johar Movie is greeted with anticipation and tremendous expectations. I can’t help but ask why??? If one takes a closer look at the movies he has churned out, apart from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (which I thought was touching) and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai(which struck the right cords at the right time), the list looks pretty lame. But still the junta seems to fall prey to the hype and successful marketing going around every K-Jo movie and Student of the Year is no exception. It’s another Karan Johar movie at heart and will find plenty of takers in his realm but that doesn’t change the fact that it is as shallow and morbid as they come.

Rohan (Varun Dhawan), the son of an Industrialist studies (or pretends to for that matter) in a college named after Teresa which has a gay dean (Rishi Kapoor) with his girlfriend of 4 years Shanaya (Alia Bhatt). He doesn’t mind having a few flings every now and then as his girl doesn’t like to break relationships which she later professes (ha ha ha ….omg…ROFL). In comes Abhimanyu (Sidharth Malhotra) who starts making our ultra cool dude look not so cool as he repeatedly crosses his path. But miraculously after a few scenes later the two become best buddies thanks to a football match and piss spilled over kids (can you believe that???).  If one best friend was not enough, Abhimanyu gets two as Shanaya now starts taking his help to tame Mr. Rohan who seems to be having a little more than a fling with Tanya(Sana Saeed). But as destiny would have it, Abhimanyu starts falling head over heels for a girl he knows is his best friend’s beau. If that was not enough there is a competition for the Student of the Year and each of our primary characters are vying for the others blood to prove their might. While Rohan wants to make a point to his industrialist father, Abhimanyu wants to make a head start for a successful career while Shanaya has aims of her own which is never revealed.

Many movies suffer for a lack of good story but Student of the Year suffers not for the want of a story but for the total absence of logic, reason and believability. Each of the characters seems to be out of their minds doing things they would never be able to explain. There is a lot of style and grandeur that’s hardly enough to keep you interested. The movie gives us neither anything new nor something worthwhile to dwell upon. Even some set pieces are picked up from classics (read Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander) and presented with some new twists added. The climax is utter nonsense.

Coming to the three new faces, Varun Dhawan impresses with his body but has nothing much to show in the acting front. Sidharth is charming and a pretty face but that would have been enough for a music video not a full fledged feature film. Aliya simply doesn’t have the kind of screen presence to carry forward a role of this type. Her screen time too is another downer. Rishi Kapoor has the gay dean who is shameless enough to message a hot-bod in public to quench his thirst is obscene. Ram Kapoor as the industrialist father of Rohan is unnecessarily evil. The movie couldn’t explain his animosity for his own blood.

It’s upsetting to see directors like K-Jo who have so much arsenal at their disposal in terms of finance, reach and above all mass appeal, coming up with junks like this. They should start investing their resources on making more thought provoking and better films which would at least take Indian Cinema in the right direction. But for now all he can do is apologies to the people who went “TO WATCH IS FILM “with hope and trust in his art and skills.